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Are You About to Give Up on Your DREAM Birth???

You deserve to have the birth experience you actually want, not the one that the maternity care system says is "allowed". 


The problem is that our maternity care system and birth culture is setting you up to fail before you even start.

You've been taught to FEAR birth!


You've been taught to mistrust your body!


And you're getting the wrong information from the birth books, childbirth classes, and even your care provider on how to plan your birth and actually get what you want.


This is why 1 in 3 births end in a cesarean, and the induction rates keep rising!


It's NOT because your body doesn't work, it's because the way that the maternity care system is set up and the cultural influences have been undermining your efforts to plan and get a birth on your terms.

If you're planning a natural birth, then you need to know that most people don't even know what a physiological birth even looks like!


I've been a childbirth educator, advocate, and doula for almost a decade, and I've noticed a few distinct patterns that predict almost with 100% accuracy whether your birth plan is going to fail or whether you'll actually get the birth you really want.


It comes down to 5 Key Areas, which I call the 5 Pillars of Empowerment.


You need to have the Right Mindset, the Right Education, the Right Environment, the Right Facilitators, and the Right Support.

If you mess up on any one of these, it can be really hard to get your birth back on track.

That's why I've spent the last few years developing this system, so that you can plan your birth with power, instead of getting stuck in fear.

I've helped families create birth plans that work, hire the right care providers to support and facilitate physiological birth, and debunked a lot of common misconceptions that our birth culture keeps perpetuating over and over--the same misconceptions that have led to high cesarean, induction, and birth trauma rates!

Birth doesn't have to be traumatic, and you CAN have the birth of your dreams!

One with less pain, less anxiety, and less FEAR!

One where YOU are in charge, not your care provider!

Plan an Empowered Birth with my signature course collection and...

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This signature course collection will help you get past your fear, avoid the common mistakes that cause birth plans to fail, choose a care provider who won't pull the wool over your eyes or "bait and switch" you into a medicalized birth you don't want and need (when you're too far along to fire them) without a lot of stress and anxiety, and will ultimately show you the secrets of how to have a true physiological birth!

It's based off of everything I've taught my clients inside my highly successful Take Charge of Birth coaching programs and it can all be yours today for only $167 CAD!

In this course collection you will get my signature Take Charge of Birth system that will help you...

  • Identify, challenge, and get past any fears that might be holding you back from planning the birth you really as little as 5 days!

  • Learn the ins and outs of physiological birth and how to work with your body to minimize pain during labour

  • Learn how induction of labour differs from physiological birth, and how to determine whether you actually need intervention at all

  • Create a powerful, flexible birth plan that is 100% customized to your needs, values, and what you ultimately want for your birth experience, pregnancy, and postpartum

  • Learn the common mistakes most people make in choosing a care provider, planning a natural birth, and creating a birth plan, so that you don't fall into the same traps

Get the full course collection for only $167 CAD!

We have a 30-day money back policy. If this course collection doesn't give you a lot of value for your investment, send us an email and we'll return your money to you and you can keep the courses as a gift. Taxes apply at secure checkout.


Here's What You Will Get...

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A 5-part video course that will help you get out of your fear of birth, learn how birth actually works when it's left to unfold without intervention, what you need to know before you agree to an induction of labour, how to write your birth plan in a way that actually works, and how to hire the right doctor or midwife to support your birth plan!

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A 7-part video series that goes deeper into writing your birth plan, including a backup plan so that if something unexpected comes up in your pregnancy or during labour you won't have to throw your entire birth plan out the window..

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A 5-Part Mini Training that will help you identify, challenge, and release any fears that are holding you back and keeping you from taking control of your birth, so that you don't wind up being controlled instead!

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A 5-Part Mini Training that will help you identify, challenge, and release any fears your partner has, so that they'll feel more confident supporting you in getting the birth you actually want...WITHOUT having them read a bunch of books or take all the classes!

A companion E-book to help you as you write your birth plan and prepare for your pregnancy and birth journey that outlines the 3 biggest mistakes you'll want to avoid in writing your birth plan and what to focus on instead. 

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Learn everything you need to start planning your birth with power and avoid the common traps set up in the maternity care system. This book is the foundation of the Empowered Birth System and has revolutionized the way mothers come to their birth experience. 

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A companion E-book that will help you avoid the biggest traps in hiring a care provider, including the 11 Red Flags you need to watch out for and 4 big mistakes to avoid when you're seeking out a midwife or doctor to support you in your birth. You'll also learn why it's really so hard to find a care provider to support your birth plan, and how to shift the power dynamic so that you're the one in control.

PLUS...6 Reports!

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Get it now for only 
$167 CAD!

We have a 30-day money back policy. If this course collection doesn't give you a lot of value for your investment, send us an email and we'll return your money to you and you can keep the courses as a gift.

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