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Discover the Secrets to Planning and Getting Your True Natural Birth!

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Your Empowered Birth is the revolutionary way to plan and get the birth you want, without having to fight, beg, or compromise on your birth plan!


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Ready to plan and get the birth experience you really want, without having to fight with your family, beg your doctor or midwife to "let you try", or compromise on your birth plan to make others around you feel comfortable with your choices and stay "safe"? 

This book will show you the 5 key areas you'll need to focus on and how to optimize each one so that you can create a custom birth plan and strategy that will help you avoid the most common traps moms fall into that lead to unnecessary interventions, preventable cesareans, losing their dignity at the door, and tossing the birth plan out the window. 

You will also learn:

  • The real reason people who plan a natural birth often end up "failing" but accidental natural births happen all the time without anything going wrong

  • The sneaky things that are actually undermining your confidence and ability to trust your instinctive ability to birth your baby

  • The powerful framework that will help you have your birth your way without having to fight, beg, compromise, or lower your expectations

  • The secret to getting past your fear and staying in your power even when other people are telling you that you can't or shouldn't have your birth the way you want it...even if you're declining routine tests, choosing not to induce, going for a VBAC after multiple cesareans, breech birth, and EVEN if you are labeled "high risk"! 

Could YOU be Robbed of Your TRUE Natural Birth Experience?

Here's the real reason so many natural births get derailed, and how to avoid it happening to you.


Have you ever wondered why so many moms who start planning a natural birth at the beginning of pregnancy end up having traumatic and disappointing births full of pain, fear, stress, and often unnecessary medical interventions?


Maybe it already happened to you, or you have just heard so many horror stories that you're worried you won't dilate, won't go into labor "on your own" or something will "go wrong" and you'll have to have a c-section.

If this is your experience or even your greatest fear, then let me tell you something you might not realize: you're not alone.

In fact, this is the experience of many of the women I've helped over the last decade and it happened to me, too.


I thought I was doing everything "right". I read the books, took the classes, hired a doula and a midwife, planned a homebirth...and I almost got tricked into a c-section I didn't want or need for reasons I'll tell you about later in this book.

Many of my friends and other women I've connected with weren't so lucky.

Actually, that's why I'm here. I got super fed-up with seeing those stories all the time and I wanted to do something about it that would actually help. I dug DEEP into what was happening, and I identified some huge problems with how birth is being taught and how moms even plan their births.

Here's one of the BIG secrets I discovered...

Too often moms make some critical mistakes that lead to them getting the exact kind of nightmare birth experience they were trying to avoid.

The biggest one is waiting until the end of your pregnancy to plan out your birth.

One of my #1 secrets that you'll learn in this book, and that I'll share with you right now, is to create your birth plan FIRST! Before you do anything else, including choose your birth location, hire your care provider, choose your birth classes, or even start learning about birth at all, you need to know exactly what you want.

The reason I am cautioning you on this is becase if you're waiting until the final months to start thinking about writing your birth plan, it's almost too late!

This is like waiting until the night before to write a college essay or term paper or to study for a final exam (are you flashing back to your days in college and university right now too? Because I am)!

What happens if you wait is that you'll find out that your chosen doctor or midwife might not be as open to your birth plan as you thought, and you'll scramble to either find a new care provider all the while knowing you could give birth any day now, or you'll try to find a bunch of articles and resources to convince them to let you have what you want.

Most often, you end up giving in to their preferences and you compromise just to keep the peace.

This then leads to you agreeing to exams and tests you didn't want, birthing in the hospital even if you really feel more comfortable staying home, or even inducing your labor because they don't "let you" go a certain number of days past your due date.

You're fighting, begging, and compromising on what should be the most amazing day of your life!

The other big problem I see is that most moms keep falling into what I call the Natural Birth Traps. These are the often common practices, myths, and general pieces of advice for "Natural Birth" that actually sabotages your body's true natural process and undermines your confidence in your body's ability to birth.

These traps are so prevalent and numerous in birth education and our maternity care system that you often don't see the trap until after you've had a traumatic birth and traced the steps back to that moment when things "went wrong".

Natural Birth Traps basically lead to you thinking your body doesn't work so that you end up giving in to the pressure from the hospital staff, your care provider, and even your own partner!

Want to know how to fix this?

"Your Empowered Birth" was written specifically to help you create your own fail-proof birth plan for a True Natural Birth experience, so you don't end up tossing it out the window the day you go into labor.

In addition to learning how birth actually works and how to plan and get your dream natural birth, you will also have some quick journal exercises that are designed to help you discover exactly what you desire in your birth experience without needing to read a ton of books, take a bunch of classes, or ask the mom groups for ideas on what to put in your birth plan.

You will get to read stories from real moms who have had their own amazing empowered births, and when you get your bonuses that come with this book, I'll also give you access to even more resources and tips that will help you avoid those Natural Birth Traps once and for all and get the birth you really want, without having to fight, beg, or compromise.

Just click one of the buttons below to pre-order your copy of this powerful e-book designed to help you get your dream natural birth, without having to fight an uphill battle, beg for permission, compromise on your birth plan, or sacrifice your body and your dignity on the altar of motherhood. If you're International, then check your own Amazon or email me at and I'll send you the proper link to go get it.

Empowered Birth Success Story!

This mama of 3 had a beautiful, unassisted homebirth after a traumatic induction and 2 c-sections!


Rebekah's Story

Could you imagine having a completely hands-off birth at home with your partner catching your baby? 

Up until a few years ago, Rebekah had resigned herself to the idea that if she ever got pregnant again, it would have to be a c-section.

Her story started off when she was a young mother, barely out of her teens, and she didn’t know what she didn’t know. She’d gone into her birth trusting in the system, only to find herself being pushed into an induction by her doctor.

Because she was young and hadn’t yet learned that induction of labor in a first time mother is three times more likely to result in a cesarean, she had been led to believe that it was her body that was the problem.

By the time she was pregnant with her third baby, she was much older and had already experienced two c-sections. The first had been the result of a “failed” induction and the second had been due to the trickery of her doctor and the hospital after she had expressed a desire to try for a VBAC.

She had been searching for anything that would help her to have a natural birth. Most of the information she had picked up from the mainstream mom groups had told her that it was "impossible", but Rebekah was determined.

She felt instinctively that she could do it, she just had to figure out how to get her doctor to let her try.


Sadly, it had been an uphill battle and there wasn't a lot of information she could find on VBA2C; most moms were just planning a repeat c-section.

After attending one of my free workshops in 2021, Rebekah discovered that she had been tricked out of her natural birth twice, and that her instincts had been right; she could do this!


By using the same system that I'll teach you in Your Empowered Birth, she was able to confidently plan the homebirth she had thought had been out of reach, but that she had deeply desired to experience.


The only problem was that there had been no midwives in her area willing to support her in a homebirth, so Rebekah also hired me as her coach and virtual doula to help her and her partner do it themselves.

After 3 months of learning how to prepare for a True Natural Birth and release her fears, Rebekah and her partner welcomed their third son into the world. He was born peacefully at home, his father caught him in his hands, and Rebekah reclaimed her power and confidence that her body was capable of anything.


Her dream came true, and so can yours!

If you want to know the secrets I taught Rebekah and the other moms I've worked with in the 10 years I've been in the birth community, then click one of the buttons below and get "Your Empowered Birth" on Kindle!

Empowered Birth Success Story!

This "High Risk" mama had an unassisted hospital VBAC when all the odds were stacked against her!

Jenni's Story

Could you imagine having EVERY single risk factor stacked up against you and still achieve a completely natural birth where no one even touched you?

Up until a few years ago, Jenni had very much doubted it could be possible for her. With her first baby she already had been labeled "High Risk" not only because of her age (she was well over 35) but also because she had chronic high blood pressure.

Her OB booked her induction without even consulting her and it was just assumed that she was only getting what she "needed to know". 

"And he felt I needed to know nothing," Jenni told me in one of our many sessions together. 

Jenni had been fed up with the lack of transparency with her doctor and switched care to a midwife very late into her pregnancy, which helped her understand some of her options a little better, but she soon ran into other problems.

"I kept trying to ask questions at the hospital and find out what was going on, but no one was listening to me and they refused to let me even call my midwife." 

The long and short of this story is that after going through a traumatic induction and being bullied by the medical system, Jenni had a cesarean and had been reeling from her birth experience.

"There had been no childbirth classes, but I'd hired a doula and a midwife and I read a lot of stuff on my own. It turns out I was reading the wrong things, and in the end none of what I read about natural birth was what I experienced."

I found Jenni in November of 2020, became her friend, and helped her get the support she needed to work through her trauma. At this point, as she was healing, she asked me "Carly, how do I take your classes?"

At first, Jenni only wanted to learn from me to process what had happened to her, so she could see it wasn't her fault and to move past it. She also wanted to help me in building a group program I had been thinking about creating. 

She said she was probably never going to have another baby, because she was "too high risk" to have a natural birth, but that she wanted to help other moms do the same and to learn with them.

We ran our first Empowered Birth Workshop in April of 2021 and brought in her friend Lisa.

The next workshop in June 2021 we brought in Rebekah and by that point Jenni decided she had healed enough emotionally to go over her birth records again and write a formal complaint for how she was treated during her birth.

By September 2021 when we ran our next workshop, Jenni was thinking about having a baby in the next year or two.

By November 2021 she had moved up her timeline. She was actively trying to conceive.

By the end of November she was pregnant!

Not only did Jenni get past her fear of having another child after her previous traumatic experience, but she went into that pregnancy with her solid roadmap, using the same birth plan creation system that you're going to get in this free training series.

She also not only had her VBAC, it was completely unassisted in the hospital!

With this pregnancy she had these "risk factors" that would discourage a lot of moms into thinking their birth plan had to go out the window...

-41 years old

-Previous cesarean

-Postpartum Pre-Eclampsia with her first baby

-Chronic High Blood Pressure

-Gestational Diabetes

-Group B Strep Positive

And she was living in an area that has the highest rate of cesarean and low rate of VBAC success in the country! While Canada's cesarean rate is close to 1 in 4, BC has a rate closer to the U.S. at 1 in 3, and the Lower Mainland has the highest rate of cesarean in the province!

So with every odd stacked against her, Jenni had a completely natural birth and no one touched her. She didn't have to fight with anyone, beg permission, or compromise on her dream birth. 

She GOT it!

That's how powerful the secret of Empowered Birth is!


So if you want to know what I taught Jenni, Rebekah, Lisa, and the other moms I've worked with in the 10 years I've been in the birth community, then hurry and pre-order now!


If you also follow me on social media after you get your copy, then I'll give you a special surprise to go with this book!

This is NOT your typical birth book!

When planning a natural birth, the most logical thing to do is to pick up a book on how natural birth works and learn how to best prepare your body for birthing.

This book isn’t that.


In fact, you won’t find anything on stages of labor, breathing methods, or nutrition in this guide.


You won’t learn anything about cervical dilation or labor positions either. Instead, I’m going to share with you a secret...

Those kinds of books will not help you have a natural birth. In fact, they might undermine your efforts of actually having one, and then you’ll discover the terrible truth that I found out when I had my son.

You see, I was the first time mom who went out and consumed birth for 9 months.


I read the books, the blogs, and took the classes. I’m here to tell you that information itself is not enough, and I’ll tell you why and what to do differently in this book.

If you’re reading this, then I know one thing about you already...

You want to be able to birth your baby without being poked, prodded, cut open, or told what to do!


You see birth as a natural process; one that you should be able to do on your own.


If you’ve already given birth before, and your desire had been to have a natural birth “as natural as possible”, then you likely already discovered the truth I’m going to reveal to you, and you want to know what you did “wrong” so that you don’t get screwed over again.

If this is your first baby, then by reading this book you’re going to save yourself a lot of pain, trauma, frustration, anxiety, and overwhelm that many of us who have come out the other side of our first births desperately wish we had known.

So what’s this secret? It’s simple.

You can’t put all your faith in the “experts”. Instead, you must recognize that you already know how to birth your baby naturally. You’ve simply been taught through our birth culture and the maternity care system that you need help and can’t do it without them.

It’s a lie that has kept you from getting the birth you truly desire; the one where you experience the true ecstasy and power of your body.


The birth where you are completely connected to yourself and to your child.


The birth where you come out the other side feeling like a powerful goddess and wanting to shout your triumph out to the world.


This is the kind of birth you dream about when you’re first planning a natural birth or even a homebirth.


It’s that peaceful and beautiful initiation into motherhood.

It’s that serene atmosphere with all the love and support surrounding you.

It’s holding your baby to your naked chest and feeling that flood of oxytocin, the Love Hormone, and not being able to stop smiling.

You glow!

You feel like you can’t wait to do it again!

These are the births you see on Instagram. They’re the ones you are likely picturing when you think about having a natural birth “as natural as possible”.

It’s the birth I wanted the first time but didn’t get, despite doing everything “right” and following what I thought was the path I was “supposed” to take.

I ate well, I exercised, I read books and took classes, and I hired a midwife and a doula. I planned a homebirth.

In the end, I didn’t get that dream birth. Instead, I learned the hard way. I had to then piece together my own map and figure out what mistakes I had made, and where I went wrong.


I got my homebirth 2 years later, and it almost didn’t happen. There were more mistakes I had made along the way that I will share with you later.


These mistakes were the kind that many mothers were making, but they came down to one simple thing: Instead of trusting our instincts, we trusted the “experts”.


When I first sat down to write this book I had one intention: Create something that would empower you in planning your natural birth without deferring to the “experts” in the birth world.


Over the years I have watched many women try and often fail to get the births they really wanted, and they all had one thing in common: they were told they couldn’t do it, shouldn’t do it, or that they needed to lower their expectations and be prepared to leave their dignity at the door.


As I navigated the earlier years of motherhood, back when I became a birth advocate, I often found myself answering messages in Facebook groups and getting into private messages with desperate moms who just want to be allowed to birth their babies without intervention.

Some came to me with sad stories about how they had been pushed into cesareans they hadn’t wanted and later discovered could have been avoided. They told me that they had told their doctor they hadn’t wanted the epidural, only to have it pushed on them multiple times until they finally felt exhausted and defeated and gave in.

There were moms who asked about having a vaginal birth after cesarean only to be told “see what your doctor says”, as if they needed permission to birth their babies vaginally!


It is horribly disempowering to be told that someone else gets to decide what you can do with your own body, but that’s been the reality in maternity care and birth culture for generations.


You’re either “too small” or “too fat”.


“Too young” or “too old”.


You don’t have a “proven pelvis”.

You “don’t go into labor on your own”.

Your body is “broken.”

You’re “not allowed”.

It just rubbed me the wrong way and the more I heard these things the more I just wanted to just call it what it was: Patriarchal Bullshit!


The reality is that I have seen “too young” moms give birth to breech babies vaginally. I have read the local statistics and demographics reports, and under “Breech Vaginal Birth” there had been only 2 instances of it happening one mom was 15 and the other was 16.


Tell me something...if a child could birth a breech baby vaginally, then why the hell are grown ass women in their 30s being told it can’t be done?


I also see the opposite.

“Too old” mothers in my community are getting pushed into early inductions and cesareans, with a rate higher than 50%!

And yet women I know in the birth community who are in their 40s are also having babies at home.

The same phenomenon happens with every single possible “high risk” demographic.

Women with gestational diabetes have vaginal births after multiple cesareans and have homebirths.

Women who are “tiny” wind up birthing 10lb babies at home with no tearing!

Women who go “past due” go on to have their babies at 43 and 44 weeks without any issues.

And yet...the cultural narrative in the mainstream mom groups perpetuates the idea that these kinds of all-natural births are

“not possible” for these “high risk” moms.


It was this discrepancy that got me questioning the maternity care system years ago, and I dared to pull back the curtain and really look at what was happening every time a mom would go through her pregnancy and ask a bunch of questions of her doctor and the mom groups.


I wanted to know...what set these amazing women who birthed their way against all odds apart from those who gave up and just did as they were told, even when they really, really didn’t want to?

The problem isn't what you think it is.


Your body isn't the problem; what's actually going on is a lot deeper than most moms realize, and it's through my background in Psychology and understanding power dynamics that I've discovered the secret to having your birth ANY way you want it.

Back in 2014 I became a birth advocate and started to uncover these layers to how we come to make certain decisions in our birth and the more women I helped, the more I saw these patterns emerge. I came to the conclusion that most pregnancy and birth education focuses on teaching you what to think, but not how to think, and this leads to moms falling into Natural Birth Traps and crumbling under the medical pressure because they are forever looking to the "experts".

If you want a True Natural Birth, then you need to play the game in a new way. You need to shift that power dynamic. You need to know and optimize the 5 Pillars of Empowered Birth.

"Your Empowered Birth" is the book I wish had existed when I was having my children. It's a road map to help you navigate the system and our birth culture in a whole new way, and the women who have already followed this system have been amazed by what they've been able to do.

If you want to feel confident in saying NO to your care provider, or to plan a homebirth when everyone around you is scared out of their minds, or you just want to avoid the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm as you plan your birth your way, then this book is the answer to the questions you didn't even realize you had! 

Click one of the buttons below to get your copy now!

What's YOUR Empowered Birth Dream?

Everything you desire in your birth IS possible!


Even if you’ve had one or more cesareans…even if you were induced…you can change your story!


You CAN take your power back and create the kind of birth story that lights you up whenever you share it.


I want you to picture it…you’re holding your new baby in your arms.


You’re staring down at them with such love and awe.


And you feel this wave of energy washing over you…you’re bathing in that warm afterglow.


You can’t help but fall in love with your body and what it just did for you!


You feel powerful, alive, and you know that life from this moment onward is going to be so different.


Every time you tell your birth story to someone, you can’t help but smile, and you can confidently say “I did it!”


You’ll take the lessons you learned in this birth and you’ll realize that you can do anything!


You’ll come to your motherhood already more confident, having been able to tap into your intuition, and you’ll be able to kick all self-doubt out the door once and for all.


Now…pull back for a moment and see the path that led you to that moment of triumph.


Think about when other people tell you that you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” choose to birth on your terms.

Picture how confident you will be to do it anyway.

In just a few weeks, your life could completely transform!

You can become a more confident, empowered version of yourself.


A true Empowered Mom!


One who plans birth from a place of power, and is a powerful role model!

You can show every woman in your family a better way.


You can show your children a better way.


You’ll have more connection to yourself, and by extension you will be able to connect deeper to your partner and to your family.


The time has come for you to step into your power and see just how capable you are to birth your baby on your own terms!


So, if you’re ready to take the leap, then click one of the buttons below and go take back your birth!

Happy birthing!


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