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"FINALLY! A Birth Plan That Actually Works!"

Discover the real reason why most birth plans "fail" and how to make sure yours doesn't!

“Do I even NEED a birth plan?”


I see this question asked all the time, and the short answer is that YES, you do.

I know you’ve probably heard how birth plans don’t work, or to toss it right into the trash because that’s where it’s going to end up, but hear me out.


It’s not that birth plans “don’t work” OR that “birth is unpredictable”...


It’s that the WAY you’ve been taught how to make that plan actually disempowers you in your birth experience.


Here's what typically happens when you go to write your birth plan...


You download a template or checklist off the internet or get it from your care provider (if they even bother to ask you about your birth plan at all).


Or, you ask the mom groups "what should I put in my birth plan?"


The problem is, that's like asking other people what you should order at a restaurant. You're not even sure if the suggestions will even come close to what you actually want!


This is why so many birth plans fail!


It’s because you’ve been taught to pick from a list of menu options, and not everyone will tell you that there’s way more on offer in your birth experience than what’s on that birth plan template you were just handed.


The truth is...


You can completely customize your birth experience to what YOU want for yourself!

And not only that...

You can also create it without having to spend hours down a rabbit hole of research or asking a bunch of strangers on the internet what to put in your birth plan!

Introducing Your Empowered Birth Road Map!

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Get it Now for only $7.17 CAD!

In this book you will learn:

  • Why cookie-cutter templates and checklists don't work (and what to do instead)

  • How to figure out what you want in your birth, without having to do hours and hours of research

  • How to discover your dream birth, so that you're more likely to get what you actually want

  • How to create a backup plan that still leads to an amazing birth experience

  • How to let go of any fears you have around birth

  • The 5-Step Framework to planning a birth with power

  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes people make when creating a birth plan, and how to avoid making them yourself

P.S. If you don't find this information helpful, just send me an email within 7 days of purchase. I'll refund your investment, and you can keep the book as a gift!

"I couldn't believe how quickly I got through this book! I couldn't put it down. The stories are just as informative as the actual tips themselves and I learned exactly why so many birth plans fail! It all makes so much sense now why my last birth didn't go the way I expected, even though I'd followed the typical advice for creating a birth plan. Every mom needs to read this!"


"Your Empowered Birth Plan Roadmap not only helped me write a more powerful and effective birth plan, but I was able to recognize where I was giving my power away with how I had been planning my birth so that I could fix it and get back on track. This isn't like anything you've ever heard about in creating birth plans."


"I found the section on the 3 Biggest Mistakes especially helpful. These are things that you're typically taught to do when writing your birth plan so I had NO idea how much they can sabotage you when planning a natural birth, or even any birth where you want to have any real control over what happens to you. So thankful I got this book!"


"When you follow the templates and checklists you really have no idea what other options might be out there. Your Empowered Birth Plan Roadmap helped me recognize that I was basically ordering off someone else's menu, and the exercises in the book helped me figure out what I really wanted and opened up my mind to possibilities I hadn't thought of before!"


"I got this book as part of a bigger course collection and didn't think much of it, but then I started reading have to read this book! Even if you think you know how to write a birth really have no idea. This is the kind of thing that most birth classes don't teach...but they need to. It saved me from getting talked out of planning my homebirth after a previous cesarean because once I figured out what I really wanted and WHY I wanted it, there was just no other option for me. No one could push me into anything I didn't want. And it's such a quick read! Totally worth the investment!"



A Proven System That Works for ANY Birth!

After the disappointing hospital birth of my first child, I knew that there had to be a better way to create a birth plan! 

I had made the mistake the first time of downloading a template off of a pregnancy website and filling in the blanks, only to realize that much of what was on that checklist wasn't even what I truly wanted.

Even worse, once one thing in my plan changed, I didn't know how to pivot and stick to what I truly wanted.

I spent the next 2 years after that birth planning a do-over homebirth, and it was during this time that I came up with the perfect birth plan framework!

But I wasn't satisfied with simply using it for my homebirth.

Instead, I wanted to see if this would work for my friends and the women I was helping as a birth advocate and childbirth educator.

What I discovered was that in using the concepts you will learn in this book, they were able to create truly unique birth plans that were also flexible without sacrificing what was most important for them to have in their birth experiences.

This road map can be used for ANY birth experience you desire, including a planned cesarean.

Because while Natural Birth might be your goal, you deserve to feel Empowered EVEN if a true emergency does come up and plans have to change.