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"FINALLY! A Birth Plan That Actually Works!"

Discover the real reason why most birth plans "fail" and how to make sure yours doesn't!

Are you questioning the need for a birth plan? Think again. The problem isn't that birth plans "don't work" or that "birth is unpredictable." It's that the way you've been taught to create one disempowers you in the birthing process.
Don't settle for a generic template or advice from strangers. Take control and customize your birth experience to fit your unique desires and needs. Stop wasting hours on research and learn how to create a birth plan that truly represents you.

Introducing Your Empowered Birth Road Map!

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Get it Now for only $7.17 CAD!

Are you tired of the same old cookie-cutter birth plan templates and checklists that just don't work? Want to discover your dream birth, without having to spend hours on research? Look no further! In my book, Your Empowered Birth Plan Roadmap, I'll show you how to create a birth plan that is tailored to you, without the added stress.


You'll learn:


  • the 5-Step Framework to planning a birth with power

  • the 3 biggest mistakes people make when creating a birth plan

  • how to let go of any fears you have around birth.

Plus, if you're not satisfied, I offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Don't miss out on your chance to have the birth experience you've always wanted.


Get your copy of Your Empowered Birth Plan Roadmap today.

"I couldn't believe how quickly I got through this book! I couldn't put it down. The stories are just as informative as the actual tips themselves and I learned exactly why so many birth plans fail! It all makes so much sense now why my last birth didn't go the way I expected, even though I'd followed the typical advice for creating a birth plan. Every mom needs to read this!"


"Your Empowered Birth Plan Roadmap not only helped me write a more powerful and effective birth plan, but I was able to recognize where I was giving my power away with how I had been planning my birth so that I could fix it and get back on track. This isn't like anything you've ever heard about in creating birth plans."


"I found the section on the 3 Biggest Mistakes especially helpful. These are things that you're typically taught to do when writing your birth plan so I had NO idea how much they can sabotage you when planning a natural birth, or even any birth where you want to have any real control over what happens to you. So thankful I got this book!"


"When you follow the templates and checklists you really have no idea what other options might be out there. Your Empowered Birth Plan Roadmap helped me recognize that I was basically ordering off someone else's menu, and the exercises in the book helped me figure out what I really wanted and opened up my mind to possibilities I hadn't thought of before!"


"I got this book as part of a bigger course collection and didn't think much of it, but then I started reading have to read this book! Even if you think you know how to write a birth really have no idea. This is the kind of thing that most birth classes don't teach...but they need to. It saved me from getting talked out of planning my homebirth after a previous cesarean because once I figured out what I really wanted and WHY I wanted it, there was just no other option for me. No one could push me into anything I didn't want. And it's such a quick read! Totally worth the investment!"


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