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Your Getting Started Guide to Planning Your Empowered True Natural Birth

(Turn Your Sound On!)

Discover the revolutionary way to plan and get the birth you want, without having to fight, beg, or compromise on your birth plan!


How to Use This Guide

This is a comprehensive overview of some of the best tips and resources for your Empowered,

True Natural Birth. To find what will be most relevant to you and your unique needs,

start HERE!

First of all, welcome! I'm so happy you found this page because you're about to discover powerful secrets to planning AND getting your True Natural Birth experience! If you haven't already done so, please watch the quick video above, which will explain the basics of the Empowered Birth philosophy and signature system. Then, once you have done that, click on the table of contents below to take you to the most relevant sections for you.

Please refer to this page any time you need some guidance. Additionally, if there's a particular resource or section you think might be helpful to add to this page or you have a burning question not already addressed, you can reach out to me at

What Is a TRUE Natural Birth?

"The difference between TRUE Natural Birth and "Natural Birth" in the medical system is like the difference between organic ice cream from a dairy farm vs the cheap, imitation,

preservative-filled "frozen dessert" at the convenience store."

~Carly Bonderud


Whenever I talk to a newly expecting mother I always ask them what they want in their birth. Most tell me that they would like to avoid medical intervention and want to have it be as natural as possible. Unfortunately, in our current birth culture this is harder to achieve than you would think...


Most women planning a natural birth will end up getting a heavily medicalized version of it, or "fail" to get it.

  • 1 in 3 women will end up having a cesarean

  • More than half will end up having an induction

  • 75% will likely have some level of medical intervention including Pitocin or having their waters broken manually

  • 45% will report experiencing birth trauma afterward.



Many of these moms will walk away from birth thinking they don’t have a high enough pain tolerance, that they don’t go into labor “on their own”, that they “don’t dilate”, and ultimately they feel like their bodies failed them.

I do not want that to be you.


If you already had a traumatic experience and are looking for something better, then this guide is going to give you a renewed sense of hope that you can do this, and if this is your first baby then by reading this guide you are going to have knowledge that very few first time moms have and you will avoid that trauma that awaits you within our maternity care and birth culture.

(for first time moms, make sure you read THIS section; seasoned moms read THIS one)

The BIGGEST mistake I see moms making when they are planning a Natural Birth is that they do NOT know the difference between what natural birth ACTUALLY is vs what our birth culture and medical system has defined it to be. In fact this is the number one reason why so many Natural Birth plans go "out the window", and why too many moms get talked into unnecessary cesareans and inductions for "failing" to go into labor or "failing" to progress.

Before I get into what True Natural Birth is, I have to tell you that most “Natural Birth” advice out there is complete BS! In fact, it leads you right down the path to a heavily controlled experience that is anything BUT natural.

These "Natural Births" are like the imitation "frozen dessert" you accidentally bought at the store when you really wanted ice cream. It's FAKE, and it's definitely NOT what your body had planned out for you and your baby. 

This "Natural Birth" is the kind that is more painful, often needs medical interference, and can even be traumatic. 

Your pelvic floor can be damaged and breastfeeding can become challenging. Your baby may even be affected (especially if your labor was induced). 

"Natural Birth" in the medical system can be anything from "vaginal birth" to "unmedicated" birth during a heavily controlled, intervention-heavy birth that is 10x more painful than what nature intended.

In contrast, True Natural Birth is purely physiological and involves a beautiful cocktail of hormones and a highly hallucinogenic, meditative trance that one of my former clients has referred to as Psychedelic Labor Land.

You can recreate this trance through Hypnobirthing, however your body is also just designed to go into it without you needing to be prompted…provided you are given the time and space to do it.

Pretty much 99% of natural births in the hospital do not support this at all. In fact, the way that hospital birth is set up and the way that most people in that profession treat birth is what keeps you out of that trance.

I experienced this first-hand. I kept trying to get into my meditative state in the hospital with my first baby. At home while sitting on the toilet for labor I had been deep in it and felt that things were moving along, so we went to the hospital. I had been having pretty intense contractions and might have birthed within a few hours had I stayed home, however this is not what we have been taught to do, and I didn’t know at the time that when it comes to birth if you want to go into the hospital “last minute” it really does mean last minute!

On that note, however, you also need to be aware that progress can reverse itself when you leave your safe home environment. If you want to know more about the process of True Natural Birth, watch my free masterclass Your True Natural Birth Blueprint where I lay out the misconceptions about True Natural Birth and share the secrets to avoiding the Natural Birth Traps that sabotage your body's natural process and undermine your confidence.

I also have a YouTube channel you can subscribe to where I share stories from my own births and that of women I have known over the last decade who have had amazing True Natural Births; especially after being previously told they weren’t “allowed” or that it was “impossible”.

Anyway, here’s what you really need to know:

If you interfere with the birth process, can’t get into your meditative state, and you become afraid or stressed, that’s when the flood of hormones is interrupted.

Labor stalls, reverses itself, slows down, or is otherwise more painful than it’s supposed to be.

The medical system and our birth culture have conditioned you to believe your body's natural responses to outside stress are a problem that needs "fixing".

That’s why so many inductions and birth interventions happen. It’s why they speed your labor up with drugs, or they break your waters, or you get labeled “Failure to Progress” and you have a c-section.

It’s why epidural rates keep rising and often epidural use is directly linked to Pitocin.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many moms have said “I tried to go natural, but contractions were so intense I couldn’t stand it” and upon further inquiry into how their birth unfolded I learn that they were induced or had labor sped up with Pitocin (also called Syntocinon or Oxytocin in some regions). 

The way that natural birth is being taught often focuses on the medical model of birth involving labor stages, dilation, and thinning out of the cervix.

Due dates, “risks”, and “what to expect” are all part of that curriculum. It’s designed to get you to follow their lead, not follow your instincts, and that is why mainstream birth education is one of my top 20 Natural Birth Traps!

If you want to avoid all of this, then you need to unlearn that old medical model and recognize that your body won’t follow it.

You are not a number, you are an individual.

You will not follow the textbook. No one does.

If your goal is to avoid unnecessary pain and medical intervention in your birth, then you don't want to follow the typical advice on how to "prepare your body" for a natural birth.

You don't need to prepare your body; it is ALREADY preparing itself for birthing. You simply need to TRUST that you will birth, AND stay out of the Natural Birth Traps! This takes a lot more careful planning and becoming more selective about what information to follow and what to ignore.

It requires you to take control of your birth and become a savvy Birth Consumer and rejecting the idea that the medical system knows more than you do about your own ability to birth.

In essence, once you understand what True Natural Birth is and what it ISN'T, AND you recognize that our medical system and birth culture is full of Natural Birth Traps that undermine your confidence and sabotage your body's ability to birth easily, you will see why it's so important for you to follow EVERYTHING in this guide!

For more tips on what traps you want to avoid when planning your True Natural Birth, make sure you get the following resources listed below:

Grab These Mini Guides of Our Freebie Page HERE

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Our FREE Report Will Outline the 3 Common Mistakes Most Moms Make When Planning a Natural Birth (and tell you how to fix them FAST)

Next, I'm going to share with you the steps you need to take if you're a first time mom. Seasoned moms skip here!

Natural Birth Resources
True Natural Birth

How to Get Your True Natural Birth

(For First Time Moms)

First of all let me just congratulate you for taking this step to get the right education with your first baby. If you follow what I'll be teaching you, then you will be able to successfully avoid the harshest lesson I learned as a first time mom.

Benefits of planning your FIRST birth as an Empowered Birth include:

  • Avoiding a lot of the pain, fear, and trauma that so many moms experience in their births

  • Avoiding a preventable c-section

  • Avoiding the pressure to induce labor 

  • No longer feeling like a "bad mom" just because you don't want to do a test, exam, or undergo an induction or c-section that doesn't feel right to you

  • You'll be able to fully trust in your body and your instincts in your birth

  • You'll have a faster recovery, no regrets, and a beautiful birth experience you'll actually want to remember

The Biggest Trap You Can Fall Into as a First Time Mom

Relying on Family, Friends, and the Mom Groups to tell you "what to expect"

The truth is that our birth culture is laced with traumatic birth stories, and if your goal is to have a natural birth as natural as possible, without anyone touching you or making you do things you don't want, or doing things TO you, then you have to go in with your mind SET on having this experience AND avoid anyone who wants to "warn" you or tell you that you won't be able to cope with the pain.

Too often there are two camps in these mom groups: The moms who had a natural birth and may not be aware that they were just extremely lucky, and the moms who tried, "failed", and are now convinced that natural birth is way more traumatic and painful than it needed to be AND are also convinced that they "had to" have a c-section because "birth doesn't work".

Why It's Important to Get It Right The First Time

When you plan your first birth you have EVERY advantage within the medical system and our birth culture because you have never given birth before. That means that if you manage to "do it right" and do it effortlessly, no one will ever question whether you will go into labor on your own, whether your babies are "too big" to birth, or whether you're even capable of having a natural birth without a lot of "help". 

Plan a homebirth or at the very least aim for a True Natural Birth for your first experience, and you also avoid a lot of the typical traps within the medical system that screw up a perfectly normal labor.

As a first time mom, you are more likely to go past 40 weeks, BUT the truth is that MOST babies come on their own after their due date. You're not alone and there's nothing wrong with going past 41 weeks. The medical system has unfortunately forgotten that though, and if you're not careful you could fall into the Induction Trap or Cesarean Trap due to your care provider saying your baby is "too big", "too small", or you're "overdue" or "not showing signs of labor starting" or any number of things that scare you into thinking you can't do it...and because this is your first baby you don't actually have any proof that you CAN do it.

The problem is, if you wind up having a c-section or induction that you don't actually need then that will limit your options next time in what is offered to you, and you'll have a lot more fear and trauma to work through to plan and get your True Natural Birth the next time...if you even feel confident enough for there to BE a next time, that is. Far too many mamas are "one and done" due to previous birth experiences that were horrifically painful and traumatic. Don't let that be you.

How to Get Your True Natural Birth

(For Seasoned Moms)

Reclaim The Birth Experience You Were Robbed of The First Time!

First of all let me just tell you how sorry I am that you learned the hard way. Believe me, you're not alone, and it's precisely because I was robbed of my own birth experience and lost my power and my voice in the birth room that I got into this work and spent a decade helping women just like you reclaim what was lost.


The good news is that you CAN heal and get a better experience this time, so whether you're already pregnant or just planning ahead for your next baby, OR you're still trying to decide if you can face another pregnancy after what you went through last time, this is for you.

Benefits of planning an Empowered Birth this time include:

  • Avoiding the pain, fear, and trauma that you experienced before

  • If you had a c-section (or multiple) before, you have much higher odds of having a VBAC this time (no matter how many scare tactics the medical system use to discourage you) See the Empowered VBAC tips in the next section for more on VBAC.

  • Avoiding the pressure to induce labor just because you hit an arbitrary date on the calendar

  • No longer feeling like a "bad mom" just because you don't want to do a test, exam, or undergo an induction or c-section that doesn't feel right to you

  • You'll be able to fully trust in your body and your instincts in your birth

  • You'll have a faster recovery, no regrets, and a beautiful birth experience you'll actually want to remember

  • You'll heal from your previous birth experiences by taking complete control of your body and your choices this time, and you'll learn how to stand up to your care provider WITHOUT feeling like you have to argue, fight, convince, or beg them to "let you" birth naturally

  • You'll prove to yourself once and for all that your body was never "broken" and you'll learn how to tune in, trust yourself, and LOVE your body for what it can do

  • You'll know IF and WHEN to call in medical assistance; it will 100% be YOUR decision. No regrets!

The Biggest Trap You Can Fall Into as a Seasoned Mom 

Believing that What Happened Last Time Will Happen Again

So...birth didn't go the way you expected the first time (or first few times) and you're wondering what you did wrong, right? Well, let me just tell you something I tell all my clients who come to me: 9 times out of 10, it wasn't YOU who failed. The medical system failed you. Our birth culture failed you. But YOU did NOT fail.

Whether you were told your baby was "too big", "too small", that you "don't go into labor on time", that you "failed to progress", or that there was some other reason why you couldn't birth naturally OR you had been scared and talked out of even attempting a natural birth, the result is the same: You aren't sure you can do it because you have a track record now of not being able to do it.

The other possibility is that like me, you DID it, but you also crumbled under pressure and gave in or compromised on what you really wanted in your birth, and now you have serious regrets about that AND fear that you won't be able to advocate for yourself again when push comes to shove.

Here's the thing: What happened last time can't be undone, but you can still take those lessons and move forward and plan a better experience this time. You're going to learn a LOT more about what traps you might have fallen into, and that will help you realize your body was never the problem. 

You might also benefit from checking out some of the success stories of Empowered Moms who were robbed of their beautiful birth experience the first time, and then reclaimed their power and experienced True Natural Birth.

Why You DESERVE to Get it Right This Time

Do you know what I hear most often when I speak to mature women who are past childbearing age?

"I wish I had met you when I was having my babies."

Birth trauma and control in the medical system has been going on for DECADES! Many women in their 50s and over were not even aware of all that was taken away from them or even had a name for what they experienced. For generations, women just didn't talk about it. "A healthy baby is all that matters" and "Leave your dignity at the door" aren't just disempowering and frustrating mantras, they're literally what our mothers and grandmothers experienced and were told, and then internalized.

It's only in the last 30 years that light started to be shed on this issue, and only about 10 years since real movements were formed to expose birth trauma and the disrespect and abuse in maternity care.

Up until the 1990s, there was no such thing as Informed Consent in childbirth. Your doctor could just cut you, pull your baby out, or do whatever else they deemed "necessary" and you wouldn't be able to say no OR file a complaint. Things ARE changing, but it takes years for society to catch up and there's still a long way to go. This is why becoming the Birth Visionary is so important; you'll help inspire your family, your friends, your care provider, and your partner to unlearn all those biases and fears that you aren't capable of birthing without heavy intervention. 

So if you had a traumatic birth last time, that doesn't mean you're doomed to have another one AND it also doesn't mean that your birth has to be heavily monitored and controlled either. I support mothers who want a hands-off True Natural Birth experience all the time, and they have proven that when you aim for the True Natural Birth model, birth just unfolds so much easier.

The other reason you deserve this, besides proving everyone wrong about what you're capable of, is that you'll have a MUCH easier recovery this time. You'll feel like Super Mom, and caring for a new baby AND your older kids will just be so much more pleasant without the birth trauma and physical trauma piled on top of it.


You'll also transform into a much more confident and POWERFUL version of yourself.


You'll be in tune with your body and be able to track your energy more efficiently to avoid burn out as you navigate that first year.


You'll THRIVE and also know how and when to call in support without any shame or regret and you'll have powerful communication tools to create a more connected relationship with your partner and your children.

Finally, by having your partner as an active participant in your Empowered Birth journey, they'll feel like your greatest advocate and protector, AND you'll both fall deeper in love than you ever dreamed possible by sharing in this experience together.

How to Get Your True Natural VBAC


It's Time to Reclaim Your Birth Story And Take Your Power BACK!

You were robbed of something PRECIOUS and SACRED and while you cannot go back in time and NOT have a c-section (or more than one), you CAN give yourself the best possible chance of experiencing birth the way you deserve NOW.


There is a lot of fear when it comes to VBAC and VBAMC, and a lot of it comes from lack of knowledge of how True Natural Birth unfolds vs what is taught in our medical system. You need to remember that our entire medical model of birth is based off of the idea that our bodies are defective machines incapable of birthing without assistance.

Unless you planned your previous cesarean/s for true medical complications in which allowing labor to start on its own would cause severe complications (such as placenta previa, vasa previa etc) chances are that your c-section could have been preventable, and EVEN if it wasn't, that doesn't mean THIS time you can't birth without a single intervention needed.

Benefits of planning an Empowered Birth this time include:

  • Avoiding the pain, fear, and trauma that you experienced before

  • You have much higher odds of having a VBAC this time (no matter how many scare tactics the medical system use to discourage you) see our Success Stories

  • Avoiding the pressure to schedule a repeat cesarean just because you hit an arbitrary date on the calendar

  • No longer feeling like a "bad mom" just because you don't want to do a test, exam, or undergo an induction or repeat c-section that doesn't feel right to you

  • You'll be able to fully trust in your body and your instincts in your birth

  • You'll have a faster recovery, no regrets, and a beautiful birth experience you'll actually want to remember

  • You'll heal from your previous birth experiences by taking complete control of your body and your choices this time, and you'll learn how to stand up to your care provider WITHOUT feeling like you have to argue, fight, convince, or beg them to "let you" birth naturally

  • You'll prove to yourself once and for all that your body was never "broken" and you'll learn how to tune in, trust yourself, and LOVE your body for what it can do

  • You'll know IF and WHEN to call in medical assistance; it will 100% be YOUR decision. No regrets!

The Biggest Trap You Can Fall Into as a VBAC Mom 

Hiring the VBAC-Tolerant Care Provider and Following Mainstream Advice

So you've decided to try for a VBAC...but let me just stop you right there! Why are you "Trying"? The very definition of VBAC is "Vaginal Birth After Cesarean" and the default exit for your baby is through your vagina!

This is the BIGGEST trap I see VBAC moms falling into: You think you need someone's permission to be able to birth your baby. You also think that there was something "wrong" with your body that it "failed" last time (or multiple times).

Here's the uncomfortable truth: Most attempted VBACs are sabotaged, or moms get "talked out of them" by their care providers in the final months of pregnancy due to all the perceived "restrictions" placed on them just to be "allowed" a Trial of Labor.

In reality, if you don't schedule surgery AND you don't give in to the scare tactics, you will eventually go into labor on your own, AND there is a very good chance you will also birth your baby WITHOUT anyone needing to "help" you do it.

That means you don't have to ask ANYONE permission to have a VBAC. 

You also don't have to compromise on having medical interventions to be supported in your VBAC.

You can have your birth ANY way you want, EVEN if you had a previous cesarean! In fact, many of my clients have PROVEN this is possible!

(Check out some of the Success Stories to hear how they did it, using the Empowered Birth Method I taught them.)

So if you want a VBAC, then you can have one! All it takes is recognizing that your body can and will birth on its own, and all you need to do is trust the process.


IF at any point you DO sense that your plan needs to change and calling in medical assistance is the best choice for you, then you'll know it wasn't because you were tricked out of your VBAC and you didn't crumble under the pressure or "fail". Instead, you'll know that you really DID do EVERYTHING possible to go for your VBAC and that will allow you to have a birth with no regrets. 

Why You DESERVE to Get it Right This Time

Think about how your previous birth/s went. Think about how long it took to recover after surgery. The pain you went through both physically and emotionally.

Think about how much you might have wanted to experience True Natural Birth the first time, or to even just simply be an active participant in that birth as you pushed your baby out of your body.

Think about how devastated you were when you found out that birth wasn't going to happen the way you had dreamed. How everyone around you tried to tell you "all that matters is a healthy baby" and how you kept all your true feelings about your birth to yourself for fear of seeming "ungrateful" or "selfish" for hating the way it all happened.

Think about how badly you want to avoid going back onto that operating table, going through that whole process AGAIN, and having to recover from surgery AGAIN while caring for your older child/ren PLUS a newborn!

And consider that this could be your LAST chance!

EVERY c-section you have carries the risk of your care provider accidentally causing damage to your organs or leaving your uterus so scarred that it causes dense adhesions or other complications. You could even LOSE your uterus completely. (See for the risks of cesarean vs VBAC after multiple cesareans.)

The truth is that having a repeat cesarean and NOT having a VBAC will cost you far more in the long term than going for your Empowered VBAC, and the Empowered Birth method of aiming for True Natural Birth and creating an Empowered Cesarean Plan can help you feel confident as you embark on this journey toward your dream birth you didn't get last time.

The other reason you deserve this, besides proving everyone wrong about what you're capable of, is that you'll have a MUCH easier recovery this time.


You'll feel like Super Mom and bounce back so much faster than you ever thought possible! I actually have to remind my VBAC moms to REST in that first week after birth because they feel like they could take on the world!

You'll become more in-tune with your body and trust your instincts, and you'll KNOW that you were ALWAYS capable of birthing. The old story that you "failed" will be replaced, and you won't believe you're "broken" anymore.

Finally, you'll be able to give other VBAC moms true HOPE when it comes to whether they can really do this, and that in itself can be incredibly healing. Many of my clients LOVE sharing their Empowered VBAC stories simply because they remember what it was like trying to find the support they needed from the mom groups and birth communities.

This is also why I LOVE sharing so many tips and resources here at and on my social media channels. When you see that VBAC is possible without a lot of medical control, that proves that ALL births are possible. After all, VBAC is such a hot-button issue in the medical system, and the more c-sections you've had, the more they try to tell you that you can't do it, shouldn't do it, that it's "too risky" to even entertain the idea of having a natural birth, let alone a completely hands-off one, and this in turn keeps a lot of moms from even seeking out the option of VBAC in the first place.

But luckily YOU stumbled across this guide, and you're going to prove them ALL wrong. After all, this is your birthright. You were made for birthing, and you do NOT have to be afraid anymore. The Empowered Birth method is perfectly designed to help you, and once you learn it, you'll be unstoppable and show everyone just how capable you truly are of birthing your baby your way!

Start your Empowered Birth journey with these resources on our Freebie page!

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Why Choose Empowered Birth?

Why Choose An Empowered Birth?

Have you ever wondered why so many moms who start planning a natural birth at the beginning of pregnancy end up having traumatic and disappointing births full of pain, fear, stress, and often unnecessary medical interventions?


Maybe it already happened to you, or you have just heard so many horror stories that you're worried you won't dilate, won't go into labor "on your own" or something will "go wrong" and you'll have to have a c-section.

This is the experience of many of the women I've helped over the last decade and it happened to me, too.


I thought I was doing everything "right". I read the books, took the classes, hired a doula and a midwife, planned a homebirth...and I almost got tricked into a c-section I didn't want or need.

Many of my friends and other women I've connected with weren't so lucky.

Once I discovered how common this was, I got super fed-up with seeing those stories all the time and I wanted to do something about it that would actually help.

I dug DEEP into what was happening, and I identified some huge problems with how birth is being taught and how moms even plan their births.

Here's one of the BIG secrets I discovered...

Natural Birth education and childbirth education in general has left out a HUGE piece of the puzzle when it comes to planning and actually GETTING a True Natural Birth experience.

Either you get the mainstream birth education full of myths and misconceptions that perpetuate the Natural Birth Traps (more on that later) OR you learn all about how birth is supposed to work, but then they leave out the part about the medical system and our birth culture undermining your confidence and your efforts in actually getting that experience.

Basically, unless your plan is to go full-on unassisted in your entire pregnancy and birth and do it ALL on your own, you're susceptible to falling into these Natural Birth Traps and doubting yourself and your ability to birth.

This leads to you feeling at odds with your family, your friends, your care provider, and the medical system.

They keep telling you that what you want isn't possible, and you start to wonder if your expectations are too high. Then you fight, beg, compromise, give up, give's a vicious cycle.

The key to getting OUT of it is NOT more childbirth education, hiring a midwife, planning a homebirth OR hiring a doula. If it was that simple, I wouldn't be here to tell you what I discovered.

Actually, the key to unlocking your ultimate birth experience is to aim for an Empowered Birth!

This is a birth plan beyond what others will teach you.


The model is simple: You aim for a True Natural Birth, and then have the backup plans, but you'll ONLY pull back as much as YOU feel you need to.

The second trick is learning how to become the Birth Visionary and inspire your family, your partner, your doula, and your care provider into letting go of their agendas and fears around you having full autonomy, and instead trusting YOUR intuition and following YOUR lead.

It's a total Power Move and given the success that my clients and friends have had with this method, I am confident it will work for you too. 

This system works whether you're a first time mom and don't know what to expect, a seasoned mom who wants to plan a natural birth for the first time, or you already tried a natural birth and realize now that you were robbed of the true experience and you want better this time!

No matter your budget and time constraints, you deserve an Empowered Birth, so take some or all of what you feel is best suited for your current needs and make sure to pay it forward and pass this on to other moms seeking a True Natural Birth experience!

Next, I'll tell you more about the Empowered Birth method and how you can learn it for yourself, as well as how to contact me for more targeted support to help you get your dream birth! You can also get a deeper dive into all elements of the Empowered Birth Method by checking out the free masterclasses here!

What is the Empowered Birth Method?

Empowered Birth is a Birth that is 100% aligned with YOUR unique needs, values, and desires! That means that YOU decide what that looks like.


One size care does not fit all and it's time you get the right mix of education and support customized to YOUR unique birthing journey. While my aim is to help you have a True Natural Birth so you can experience the transformational power of your intuition and what your body is capable of, that's not the ONLY goal. 

Often there's this idea that to have a "good" birth means it HAS TO be 100% natural, but sometimes your intuition might lead you down a different path and that's okay.


You can still have a beautiful, connected, and empowering experience even if you choose medical intervention.


The difference is, that if you choose it, you will know WHY you're choosing it and only call in the help you actually feel you need.


No more Cascade of Interventions and no more "leaving your dignity at the door!"

An Empowered Birth is one where YOU are the Decision-Maker!

YOU Make the Rules, NOT Your Care Provider!

The resources on this site and through our social media channels will help you to plan and get the birth experience you really want, without having to fight any uphill battles with the healthcare system, beg your doctor or midwife to "let you try", or compromise on your birth plan to make others around you feel comfortable with your choices and stay "safe".

Through the 5 Pillars of Empowered Birth, you'll learn the powerful strategies and tools to advocate for yourself, reclaim your power, and birth your baby with confidence.  They will also help you avoid the most common traps moms fall into that lead to unnecessary interventions, preventable cesareans, losing their dignity at the door, and tossing the birth plan out the window. 

Whether this is your first time planning a natural birth or you fell into several traps last time that derailed your plans and robbed you of your full birth experience, we've got you covered!

Empowered Birth has just as many variations as True Natural Birth; meaning that each experience of it is different, and no two Empowered Births will look the same. This is the MAGIC of the Empowered Birth Method: You can literally create your own birth experience ANY way you want it!

This system applies EVEN if you are...

  • "High Risk"

  • Over 35

  • A First Time Mom with "low pain tolerance"

  • Trying for a VBAC (after one or even multiple c-sections)

In fact, some of our most powerful success stories are of moms who had every odd stacked against them in terms of their "high risk" factors such as age, body mass index, number of previous cesareans and/or inductions, and even some chronic health conditions.

The Empowered Birth Method, when broken down, is simple:

Aim for True Natural Birth and create the "backup plans" for when YOU decide medical interventions need to be called in.

This backup plan is your "break glass in case of emergency" safety net, because remember that True Natural Birth requires only for you to trust your body's natural process. That will happen with or without any medical support at all, which means you ONLY call in what YOU need. YOU become your own best expert.

By aiming for a True Natural Birth, you increase your chances of a beautiful, empowering natural birth AND you avoid falling into the Natural Birth Traps that sabotage your ability to experience a birth with little to no pain or fear. You also avoid getting tricked into an unnecessary induction, c-section, or both. If you are ALSO planning a VBAC, then I will mention that aiming for a True Natural Birth will allow your body its BEST chance, because a scarred uterus may need more time to warm up and may have its own unique contraction pattern to avoid putting too much pressure on the scar tissue. Your body KNOWS how to compensate for past injuries. Trust the process!

The next piece of the Empowered Birth Method is to create your Birth Vision, which is a highly detailed, ideal Birth Plan. Once you have this plan, you're ready to implement the 5 Pillars of Empowered Birth to create your roadmap to getting your dream birth! I lay this all out inside my book "Your Empowered Birth", which includes a more in-depth overview of the entire system and how to implement it. 

The basic overview of the 5 Pillars is as follows:

  • The Right Mindset-- create your ultimate Birth Vision, challenge your fears, unlearn the social conditioning that keeps you from standing up for yourself and trusting your body.

  • The Right Education-- learn how True Natural Birth unfolds so you can trust your own unique process, understand your basic human rights to informed consent and refusal, recognize the limitations of your care provider AND understand the political games that are being played behind the curtain so you can stay 10 steps ahead

  • The Right Environment--choose your safest spaces to learn, to advocate, and to birth with confidence

  • The Right Facilitators-- hire the people who are willing to support you FULLY in achieving YOUR vision for your birth. 

  • The Right Support-- train up your partner to become your greatest protector and advocate, who will also remind you of why you're doing all of this in the first place. Even better if you can also build a supportive network of friends and moms who have gone before you and achieved the same dream birth you are going for.

Within these 5 Pillars is also another layer that addresses the Big 3 factors:

  • Avoiding the Fear Traps-- Recognizing the sources of YOUR fear, so that outside influences can no longer control you of cause you to doubt yourself during your pregnancy and birth. In essence, you are no longer going to "crumble under the pressure".

  • Become the Birth Visionary and Lead Your Partner-- Rather than trying to get your partner to read all the books or take classes with you (and risk them freaking out and trying to convince you to "just get the epidural" etc) YOU inspire them into becoming your greatest supporter and advocate AGAINST the medical system and any friends and family who keep sharing their "horror stories".

  • Become the Birth Consumer--Instead of letting your care provider call all the shots, you get to level the playing field and confidently advocate for what YOU want in your birth. You reject and decline anything that doesn't align with your vision for how you want your birth to go. You also learn how to inspire them into supporting your birth EVEN if it's not typically done (or is against "policy"). Remember that birth is a BUSINESS...the way to change the market is to increase demand for change, and that happens at the consumer level. Rather than let them tell you what's "allowed", The Empowered Birth Method teaches you how to effectively convince them to put YOUR birth choices on their menu.

Get the ENTIRE Empowered Birth System inside Your Empowered Birth Academy!

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Our Philosophy and Mission Statement

"Empowered Birth isn’t just an idea, it’s a true gift that will transform all aspects of your life, and no one will ever be able to take your power away from you ever again."

~Carly Bonderud


The Empowered Birth Method and all we strive to create under the Empowering Moms brand  came from a simple, yet revolutionary idea...that YOU are your own best expert when it comes to what is best for you, for your body, for your family, and what will ultimately support you in your legacy.

You didn't JUST get pregnant to have a baby, you did it because there is a part of you that wants to raise conscious, happy, loving children who grow up to make the world a better place.

You also aren't content to just go along with what everyone else tells you is "best" for you and your growing family, otherwise you wouldn't have sought out this information on how to have a True Natural Birth and avoid the control, coercion, and pressure of the medical system.

You KNOW, deep down, that True Natural Birth is how you tap into your infinite power as a woman, as a mother, and as a leader in your family and your community. You also know that going AGAINST your intuition and just "doing what you're told" will lead to a deep, visceral pain of denying your own truth and you are NOT willing to sacrifice your dreams on the altar of motherhood.

You KNOW there MUST be a better way!

You're right. There is "their" way, and then there is YOUR way. 

Empowered Birth IS the way you tap into YOUR way, your path, your destiny, and ultimately your dreams and vision for your family and your legacy.

Women who have had Empowered Births have gone on to lead their partners and children into a more authentic and conscious way of life.


They've built businesses, healed generational trauma, broken cycles, and ultimately have reached the highest levels of self-actualization.

I'm going to tell you a secret...YOU are the true leader of your family line!


When YOU thrive and step into your full power as a woman and as a mother, you also show your partner (especially a male partner) how they can reach THEIR highest potential as well.

Together, you and your partner can lead your children to become the change-makers who inspire their peers as they enter their school years.

They'll watch YOU lead, and see YOU advocate for yourself and for them as your family grows up, and they'll intuitively know how to do it themselves. 

Children copy what they see, not what they're told.


You might have heard growing up to "think for yourself", however once you get pregnant that narrative shifts to "let the medical professionals think for you".

Your confidence is eroded, and the cultural attitudes reinforce the idea you don't know better than someone with a medical degree.

There is a lot of "mom guilt" and "mommy shaming" and it starts the moment you conceive your first child and continues well after you've sent those kids off to school and attempt to build your own dreams.

But what if you COULD have everything?


What if you could have a beautiful, Empowered Birth, become INSPIRED by what your body can do and then take that SAME energy to birth those dreams you thought you had to put on hold or give up completely just to be seen as a "good mother"?

THIS is ultimately what I discovered after I used my 5 Pillars of Empowered Birth to reclaim my power in my second pregnancy. A spark ignited in the depths of my soul, and I could see how mothers were getting short-changed and undervalued in our society. 

I saw how we were put into a paradox of either being either "too sexy" or "too frumpy" in how we chose to dress.

I saw how we would be told we were "not reaching our full potential" if we stayed home with our babies but at the same time, if we chose to have a career or even start a business while our kids were young we were called "selfish".

We've been told to settle, to accept crumbs from life and from our relationships. "It's not about us anymore, it's about the kids".


Our Mission is to ensure that any mother who wants a conscious, empowering birth and motherhood experience is able to get one! We also support mothers who have the odds stacked against them to rebuild their lives and reclaim their power.

In the next decade, our aim is to create foundations and services that will not only serve our highest level clients, but also support those mothers who live in "maternity care deserts" with lack of access to truly supportive medical professionals, mothers in abusive and toxic relationships who may feel they can't leave, mothers who have little to no income, and any other mother who needs to remember who she is at her core so she can take back her crown and rise up stronger, more resilient, and truly unstoppable in how she leads her children into a better life.

The reason I am so passionate about this is because I was once that mom. I lived a life of poverty, struggled all my life to be seen, heard, and respected. I fell into a toxic and emotionally abusive relationship and stayed for 13 years, thinking I would never be able to leave without subjecting my children to worse financial hardship. I watched every dream I had slowly fade away, and I settled for crumbs. I even gave up my homebirth the first time, out of fear that I couldn't trust my own intuition over the "experts". 

When I discovered the truth, that I could ONLY trust myself, and that other mothers much stronger and with more options than I had were also being abused and manipulated into accepting crumbs in their births and in their lives, a fire was lit inside me. It was as if the Phoenix herself had risen from the ashes and as the embodiment of my soul, and I said "NO MORE!"

I spent the first few years after giving birth to my firstborn learning of the limitations of our system and how it keeps the good birth workers from supporting moms as they deserve to be supported, and how much we've had to fight, beg, and compromise just to get the few rights in the birth room we have now. 

I also saw how things weren't changing at the level they NEED to, and this is when the dream was born in my heart.

This is where YOU come in, Empowered Mom!

When you support our mission and tell others where to find us, you help bring conscious awareness to the mothers who will come after you.


They need to know that their dreams of a True Natural Birth are possible. They need to know they have far more options than our current medical system and birth culture would have them believe.

They need to know how to step into their power, trust their bodies, and tap into their intuition.

They need to become powerful advocates in their respective communities and teach the medical system what moms REALLY want in their birth experiences.

Decades ago, long before we were born, women demanded to become more autonomous in how they birthed their babies. They asked to have their partners attend the births with them. They were tired of going into a hospital system that drugged them up, strapped them to beds, cut their bodies, and dragged their babies out while they were unconscious.

They wanted more options, more choice, more respect.

Everything we have NOW is because decades ago, enough mothers rallied together as consumers and told the birth industry what they wanted. They demanded better, and they got what they thought they needed...but the wisdom of True Natural Birth had almost been eradicated centuries before that, when the Witch Trials had taken place and the Wise Women and midwives had to go underground.

Fear of childbirth was perpetuated through the practices of the doctors who did NOT respect birth as a sacred rite of passage for both mother and baby. Women and babies died, and people assumed that modern medical advancements were the answer and that nature's design was inherently flawed. If that were true, we would not have survived as a species.

Unfortunately, the damage has been done. There are more people who fear birth than those who trust it.


There are serious psychological factors at play when it comes to why so many women are choosing inductions and medicated births and blindly following their care providers. There is a reason that so many hospitals have restrictive practices and policies. 

The way OUT is NOT to just convince hospital staff to "let us" birth naturally. Their hands are often tied past trauma, by hospital administration, by insurance all leads them to only do what has been "proven" to reduce that rare catastrophic outcome from happening.

What needs to happen is a revolution at the consumer level. We need to CREATE options outside the system.

Our goal and mission is to bring awareness to communities about these options and to build them. Some of our long-term projects we're planning include...

  • Building and promotion of out-of-hospital birthing suites and birth houses, to topple the monopoly of hospitals and birthing centers that limit and restrict mothers from birthing with full autonomy.

  • Establishing online schools for birth workers who wish to spread the Empowered Birth Method and create change within their communities.

  • Creating free trainings, resources, and hosting in-person classes for women of lower socioeconomic status who cannot afford typical classes or hire a doula

  • Postpartum support and business training for lower income families and especially for single mothers or women attempting to leave a toxic relationship, so that they can stay home with their babies while increasing their education and maximizing their earning potential.

  • Creating more books, courses, and online programs that will help transform the lives of every mother who works with us!

To learn more about our projects outside of and how you can best support us in our mission, contact us via email.


Get Customized Support For
Your Empowered Birth Journey

Everything you desire in your birth IS possible!


Even if you’ve had one or more cesareans…even if you were induced…you can change your story!


You CAN take your power back and create the kind of birth story that lights you up whenever you share it.


I want you to picture it…you’re holding your new baby in your arms.


You’re staring down at them with such love and awe.


And you feel this wave of energy washing over you…you’re bathing in that warm afterglow.


You can’t help but fall in love with your body and what it just did for you!


You feel powerful, alive, and you know that life from this moment onward is going to be so different.


Every time you tell your birth story to someone, you can’t help but smile, and you can confidently say “I did it!”


You’ll take the lessons you learned in this birth and you’ll realize that you can do anything!


You’ll come to your motherhood already more confident, having been able to tap into your intuition, and you’ll be able to kick all self-doubt out the door once and for all.


Now…pull back for a moment and see the path that led you to that moment of triumph.


Think about when other people tell you that you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” choose to birth on your terms.

Picture how confident you will be to do it anyway.

In just a few weeks, your life could completely transform!

You can become a more confident, empowered version of yourself.


A true Empowered Mom!


One who plans birth from a place of power, and is a conscious role model!

You can show every woman in your family a better way.


You can show your children a better way.


You’ll have more connection to yourself, and by extension you will be able to connect deeper to your partner and to your family.


The time has come for you to step into your power and see just how capable you are to birth your baby on your own terms!


So, if you’re ready to take the leap and work with me directly either 1-1 or through one of my Empowered Birth coaching programs, then click the button below and fill out this quick intake form and I will get back to you within 1-2 business days. 

Your Empowered Birth Awaits You!

I'm so pleased that you've decided to take control of your pregnancy and birthing journey! The women I've already helped to have this experience have expressed their deepest gratitude for what I've shown them, and I know that when you take the time to learn the 5 Pillars of Empowered Birth and utilize the resources on this site and through social media that you will see just how powerful and transformative your birth can be!

Remember that you only get ONE chance to birth THIS baby, and you deserve to have it be the most beautiful and life-affirming experience.

You do not have to suffer trauma or leave your dignity at the door.

You do not have to feel like a human pin cushion or a piece of meat.

You can instead take full control and become a powerful birthing goddess capable of anything!

I look forward to serving you, and should you ever have any questions just reach out to me at and I will do my best to assist you.


Happy Empowered Birth Planning!


Get Customized Support For
Your Empowered Birth Journey

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