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How Empowering Moms Can Help You Get The Birth Of Your Dreams

Hi, I’m Carly, and I help women plan amazing births, retain their power in all aspects of their pregnancy, and get past fear of crumbling under the pressure or giving in to a highly medicalized model of birth that they do not want.

Basically, if you're looking to plan a natural birth and trust in your own instincts and hormones, AND you would rather avoid an induction, cesarean, or a bunch of unnecessary tests, exams, and procedures that freak you out just thinking about them, I show you how to do just that!

When I was a first time mom planning my first birth, I was asking these questions...

  • How do I tell my care provider that I don't want to do this test/exam?

  • How can I convince my partner to support me in what I want for this birth?

  • How can I avoid getting talked into an induction, a c-section, or the epidural?

  • How can I have an amazing, relatively pain-free, completely natural birth like the kind I see on Instagram and Facebook?

I made a few mistakes on my quest to get this amazingly empowered birth, and if you're curious you can read my story later. But despite the obstacles I faced, I did manage to take control of my birth and avoid tearing AND medical intervention.

The second time, I had two other questions:

  • How do I make sure that what happened last time doesn't happen again?

  • How do I stand my ground when everyone is pressuring me to give in?

I found the answers as I navigated that second pregnancy, and what I found afterward was that women were coming to me after having had previously traumatic or disappointing births, asking me how I did it. How did I manage to beat the odds and find the loopholes in the maternity care system, to go against "policy" and get past my fear? How did I manage to go for the birth I really wanted, when it was technically "not allowed"?

If you are planning your first pregnancy and want to have a natural birth and avoid trauma, then I can show you the roadmap and help you avoid the common traps that can de-rail your birth plan.

And if you already had one or more traumatic births, or you just want better for yourself this time, then I can show you how to examine the old thought patterns, identify any hidden fears, and show you the traps you walked into last time so that you won't make the same unconscious mistakes again. I'll show you how powerful your body is, that it isn't broken, and you will become more in-tune with yourself and feel more connected to your children and your partner.

I combine my skills as a coach, childbirth educator, virtual doula, and birth advocate, as well as my experience as an Empowered Mom who has done it and witnessed my friends and clients achieve their own dream births to help you create a powerful pregnancy and birth experience that is 100% unique to your own values, preferences, and needs.

You can get past your fear and come to your birth with power!

I look forward to serving you. 

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Our Team

Empowering Moms is my coaching and consulting business. This is our team:

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Carly Bonderud

Coach, Founder, and CEO

Carly Bonderud is an independent childbirth educator, virtual doula, and birth empowerment coach who specializes in empowering moms and their partners to take full control of their birth experience.

Since 2014 she has been in the birth community helping mothers access the information they need to make informed choices and avoid unwanted inductions, repeat cesareans. She also coaches mothers on how to advocate for themselves and ultimately go on to have more empowered, beautiful birth experiences that forever changed their view of themselves, their bodies, and what they were capable of in their lives.


Jenni Posthuma

Coach, Instructor, and Administrative Assistant

Jenni Posthuma is the co-founder of the Take Charge of Birth group coaching program and has been an integral member of the Empowered Birth Community since November 2020. She is a Mindset coach and provides additional support and resources within the group chat feature of the full program, as well as performs the main administrative tasks as the second visionary behind the Empowered Birth brand.

Since her traumatic first birth and empowering unassisted VBAC with her second child, Jenni has taken a more active role as a birth worker and educator by creating and actively supports women and birthing people who have suffered from and survived birth trauma.

Donald Stojack

Strategic Advisor

Donald Stojack is a results oriented business strategist who taps into over 4 decades of entrepreneurial successes across multiple industry verticals - with a dash of creativity provided by a professional concert hall music career.  He has worked alongside giants like Chet Holmes, Jay Abraham, Eben Pagan and Tony Robbins to name a few. 


Donald runs an independent consultancy to business owners with an emphasis on sales, marketing and systems in the online digital content marketing space.  He brings a passion for helping business owners connect the dots between ideas and profitability - both online and off.

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