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Should You Hire an OB or a Midwife?

If you're like most people, you have probably assume that midwife= natural birth and OB= induction and c-section.

The reality is a LOT more complicated than that though.

If  you are out in the mom groups asking where to find a midwife or whether you should hire a midwife over an OB...

You're asking the wrong question, and it's going to de-rail any birth plans you might have before they even begin!

The reality is that most people do not end up hiring the right care provider who will support their birth plan.


Instead, they assume that just because they hire a midwife that they'll have a natural birth.


Or they assume that the OB who said they would support them in a natural birth will actually deliver on that promise.


That's what I thought too!


I was a first-time mom who wanted a homebirth with my first baby.

So I hired a midwife and assumed it would be a given!

I found out the truth too late, and I fell into a trap that led me right into my nightmare of a hospital birth.

I got lucky though.

A friend of mine wound up getting pressured into an unwanted induction and then had a traumatic cesarean!

What the hell happened?

It's actually quite simple...

We both hired the wrong person for the kind of birth experience we wanted, and wound up with a Bait & Switch care provider. 

If you've never heard of this before, let me explain...

A Bait & Switch is when you go in thinking you're going to get one thing, but secretly your care provider undermines your efforts and your confidence so that you end up giving in to what they planned for your birth.

Often, that's a more medicalized, more controlled version of a natural birth experience you had asked for. 

One with frequent vaginal exams, monitoring, and a lot more intervention than you really need.

Other times, a Bait & Switch can be even more insidious, where your OB or "medwife" sets up conditions in place that you must meet in order to avoid an induction, hospital birth, or even a cesarean.

Think about the OB who says they support vaginal birth, but then tells you that you have to go into labour by 39 weeks.

Or the midwife who tells you that you're allowed to have a homebirth, but only if you go into labour by a certain date or have a baby estimated to be under a certain weight. 

The worst part is how difficult it can be to recognize the Bait & Switch care provider until it's too late...especially if you don't know what to look for.

That's why your best defense is to not hire them in the first place!

Discover the Secret to Hiring the Care Provider who will ACTUALLY Support Your Birth Plan (so you aren't tricked out of it later)

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I've been in the birth community since 2014 as a childbirth advocate, and I have learned the secrets from other doulas,

midwives, and even some doctors about how the maternity care system sets moms up to "fail" before they even begin.

It has to do with our culture, and how the system was set up to undermine your confidence in your innate ability to birth.

Through this discovery, I developed a system and strategy that will help you navigate all those hidden traps, learn how to ask the right questions, and find the care provider best suited to your needs for your birth.

No more guess work!

No more hoping and praying that the care provider you hired at the start of your pregnancy won't bait and switch you at the end!

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Secrets from a doula and birth advocate revealed!

In this book you will learn:

  • Why it's SO HARD to get your care provider to support your birth plan, and what to do about it

  • The 4 Biggest Mistakes you want to avoid before you choose a care provider

  • The 3 different types of common care providers for pregnancy and the pros and cons of each

  • The 11 Red Flags you want to watch out for during the interview and early appointments

  • The powerful shifts in language that will help you stay in control of your care, so you don't end up crumbling under pressure and agreeing to tests or interventions you don't want or need

  • The right questions you can ask that will help you figure out whether your care provider will support you or bait and switch you closer to your due date when it's hardest to switch care


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