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The Crash-Course Prenatal Classes That Help You Plan a Birth Without Fear!

Do you know why so many births end in trauma?

It's NOT because you need to lower your expectations.

Actually, it's because often you're not aware of the many amazing possibilities when it comes to planning an amazing, transformative birth!

The problem is that most prenatal education focuses on teaching you the wrong things, so you don't know all your options and you don't know how to plan and get that beautiful birth experience you're actually meant to have.

You Deserve to Have an Amazing Empowered Birth!

Your Empowered Birth Workshop isn't just another childbirth course!

In addition to learning how birth works, you'll also be able to identify and release your fears, tune into your intuition, recognize if and when an induction or other intervention in birth is actually needed, how to create an effective birth plan, how to advocate for yourself, how to hire the right care provider AND get your partner to support you (without having to seek out a ton of extra resources that will overwhelm them and you)

Using the powerful 5-Pillar framework for Empowered Birth, you will be able to recognize the innate power within yourself to birth your baby with complete confidence, no matter what comes up in the course of your pregnancy. 

The Revolutionary Program That Empowers Your Motherhood!

In this signature program you will learn:

Session I: Overcoming Your Fear of Natural Birth

Discover the real reason why you're so afraid of birth and asking for what you really want, and how to release those fears once and for all.

This session covers:

  • The “Fear Traps” That Sabotage Your True Natural Birth

  • 4 Main Sources of Fear and How to Get Out of It

  • Addressing Past Traumatic Births and “Horror Stories”

  • 5 Trauma Responses

  • Quick “Mindset Reset” Trick

Session II: True Natural Birth 101

Forget due dates, cervical dilation, and everything else you think you know about natural birth and labor! This class will teach you how to tune into your own unique physiological process for birth so that you can birth with confidence even if your labor doesn't follow the textbook (because chances are higher that it won't).

This session covers:

  • Why most natural birth education leads to medical interventions in birth

  • The 4 True Natural Birth Stages of Labor and Birth

  • The 3 tips for a more peaceful, painless natural birth

  • The secret about cervical dilation your OB probably doesn’t want you to know

Session III: Avoiding The Induction Trap

With everyone around you getting induced or having a c-section you might be worried it will happen to you too. In this class you'll learn the real reason induction is pushed in maternity care and how to determine whether you actually need one.

This session covers:

  • 3 Big Reasons NOT to Induce (aside from risk of csection and pain)

  • 3 Big Induction Traps to Avoid

  • The truth about Due Dates

Session IV: Writing an Effective Birth Plan

Worried your birth plan will be tossed "out the window"? In this class you'll learn a revolutionary new way of creating your birth plan that will allow you to stay in control no matter what actually happens in your birth!

This session covers:

  • 3 Big Mistakes That Derail Birth Plans (BEFORE you even go into labor)

  • The Secret Language to Use When Creating Your Plan

  • A Simple Framework to Create Your Intentional Birthplan (without doing a ton of research or “learning your options”

Session V: Avoiding the Baith & Switch Care Provider

Not sure what your options are or if you're "allowed"? Scared that your OB isn't going to support you or that you'll crumble under the pressure to induce or have a c-section? This class will teach you how to advocate for yourself using powerful phrases that will shift the power dynamic and keep you in your power even when you and your care provider disagree.

This session covers:

  • The reasons it’s so hard to advocate for yourself (and what to do about it)

  • 5 Red Flags to watch out for

  • The secret trick to getting your care provider to stop trying to control your pregnancy and birth and take you seriously

Session VI: Birth Partner Support Secrets

Still looking for ways to get your partner to support you in a True Natural Birth, but most information out there relegates their role to "glorified handholder and back massager"? The problem with our birth culture is that partners aren't in their TRUE role and can be led astray by the medical system (leading them to becoming an accomplice to your trauma, NOT your protector) or otherwise unintentionally sabotaging your efforts to birth painlessly and tune into your instincts. In this bonus session (that was NOT included in the original workshop) you will learn the secrets to getting your partner to FULLY support your birth plan and stand up as your protector.

This session covers:

  • The reason why having your partner "just take a class" or watch videos doesn't work

  • 5 reasons your partner is resistant to your desire for a natural birth or homebirth (for now)

  • The secret trick to getting your partner to step up and start supporting your birth plan (that I learned from a powerful relationship coach)

You will also receive a companion workbook and journal exercises to help you plan your own unique Empowered Birth so that you know exactly what you want and how to get it. PLUS a collection of PDF guides and E-books to supplement each Session of the Program including:

  • How to Heal After a Traumatic Birth (guide)

  • 20 Thing to Avoid if You Want a Natural Birth (mini list)

  • The Empowered Mom's Guide to True Natural Birth (E-book)

  • How to Choose Your Birth Location (guide)

  • 22 Things That Make Natural Birth Unnecessarily Painful (mini list)

  • 15 Things You DON'T Want to Put in Your Birth Plan

  • 8 Critical Questions to Ask Before You Agree to an Induction (guide)

  • The Induction Trap: Everything you need to know to weigh the pros and cons of induction and avoid falling for the common scare tactics (guide)

  • How to Make Informed Decisions: Everything you need to weigh the pros and cons of any and all tests, procedures, and recommendations for your birth (guide)

  • The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Birth Plan (report)

  • Your Empowered Birth Plan Roadmap (E-Book)

  • How to Hire Your Care Provider (E-Book)

  • 12 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Your Care Provider (guide)

  • Get Your Family and Friends to Support You (guide)



Bonus Session: 9 Empowered Birth Secrets 

Go deeper with the Empowered Birth Method for a completely hands-off birth experience. Train up even the most resistant partner and advocate strongly for yourself in even with hesitant medical staff. OB still pushing that C-section? You'll learn the real reason WHY you need to play the game differently.

This session covers:

  • The 5 Ways Your Birth Plan Can FAIL (That have nothing to do with your body’s ability to birth) and what to do about it

  • The 9 Big Secrets of the Empowered Birth Method (that have allowed high-risk moms to have incredible, True Natural Births AND get their care provider to “back off”

  • The 3 Keys to implementing the Empowered Birth Method (beyond the 5 Pillars)

Get It Now For Only $97

Upon clicking the button, you will be taken to a separate purchase page through Mailerlite. Click the logo or Buy button on this page to be taken to the checkout button and secure Stripe purchase page. The entire course will be delivered to you via email immediately after purchasing and you can download everything for lifetime access. After this point, you have 30 days to go through the entire course. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact our team and show us your COMPLETED workbook and exercises and tell us the results you aren't happy with, and we will refund your purchase AND you can keep the entire course as our gift to you.

Empowered Birth Success Story!


By the time she was pregnant with her third baby, Rebekah had already experienced two c-sections. The first had been the result of a “failed” induction and the second had been due to the trickery of her doctor and the hospital after she had expressed a desire to try for a VBAC.


Most of the information she had picked up from the mainstream mom groups had told her that it was "impossible", but Rebekah was determined.​​​

After attending one of my Empowered Birth Workshops in 2021 Rebekah discovered that she had been tricked out of her natural birth twice, and that her instincts had been right; she could do this!


By using the same system that I'll teach you in this program, she was able to confidently plan the homebirth she had thought had been out of reach, but that she had deeply desired to experience. Her son was born peacefully at home, his father caught him in his hands, and Rebekah reclaimed her power and confidence that her body was capable of anything.

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