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Get Your Partner On Board With Your Birth Plan
(Without Having them Read a Bunch of Books or Take a Single Class)

Are You Still Trying to Get Your Partner to Read the Birth Books?

You know that having your partner's support is a crucial component to feeling safe in your birth.

The problem is that every time you try to get them to read a book, watch a bunch of videos,  or take a class, they just don't seem to understand WHY it's so important to they put it off.

And even if they DO eventually get to it...they might still be clueless as to what all that stuff actually means and could even misinterpret what you're asking them to do.


They might even tell you that they don't feel comfortable supporting the kind of birth you want to have. 

How many times have you heard moms say "I wish I could have had a homebirth, but my partner wasn't on board"?

Don't let your partner be the wildcard that derails your Empowered Birth!

There is a Better Way to Get Them To Support You

"Get Your Partner On Board With Your Birth Plan" is a 5-part video course that combines childbirth education, story, and powerful action steps that will help you recognize what's really going on for your partner, so that you can feel more confident in telling them what you need during your birth.

You'll learn how to identify, challenge, and even eliminate your partner's fears and concerns around your birth plan so that you can finally have that conversation you've been holding back on, and get them to say YES to ANYTHING you want...including a homebirth.

You'll also become more confident as you ask for what you truly want in your birth, and no longer feel like you need to justify or validate your wishes to anyone, while your partner will be able to step into their proper role of supporting YOU!

Finally, you'll come to understand what's actually behind a lot of the common scare-tactics so that your partner won't crumble under the pressure...especially if your pesky in-laws are also weighing in on your birth plans!

Discover the Secrets to Getting The Right Support from Your Partner!

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Course Outline

Part 1: Why They Can't Just Watch The Videos or Take a Class With You

Part 2: What's Holding Them Back From Supporting Your Birth Plan

Part 3: What's Holding YOU Back

Part 4: Getting Them in The Right Mood to Say Yes

Part 5: What to Say to Get Them On Board!

Get The Training For Only $47

*If this course doesn't deliver the promised value for your investment just send us a message within 30 days of purchase and we will issue a refund AND you can keep the whole thing as our gift to you!

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