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Write Your Empowered Birth Plan

Want to make a birth plan that can't "fail"?

Do you know why so many birth plans fail?


It’s because you’ve been taught to pick from a list of menu options, and not everyone will tell you that there’s way more on offer in your birth experience than what’s on that birth plan template you were just handed.

The truth is, most birth plans only cover the basics.

And if you use a template to create it, then you're also picking the same options everyone else does.

So what ends up happening if you go this route?

You won't know how to change course if something comes up during your pregnancy or birth.

And that means that you might think you have to throw your entire plan out the window and defer to the "experts" in the room.

You're unique, so shouldn't your birth experience be too?

Write Your Empowered Birth Plan is a 7-part video program and companion E-book that will help you dig deep and find out what you really want for your birth, even if you aren't sure of all your options and even if you've never had a baby before!

Through a simple step-by-step process you will also learn how to identify and get past any fears of birth, so that you can look past them to discover the secret birth experience of your dreams.

You will also learn how to create a backup plan and optimize your chances of actually getting the birth you want by utilizing the 5 Pillars of Empowered Birth.

Finally, you will also create a comprehensive postpartum plan, so that after your baby is born all you will have to do is sit back and bond with your newborn.

This program will help you say goodbye to cookie-cutter birth plans

Identify the things that are holding you back from asking for what you really want.

Create your ideal birth plan that will guide you as you choose a doula, hire a care provider, and get the birth education you really need, without all the anxiety and overwhelm.

Avoid the common mistakes that derail birth plans.

Create a backup plan so that no matter what comes up in your birth, you can still remain confident and in control.

Get It Now For Only $97

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