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Discover the 5 Secrets to an Empowered Pregnancy!

Watch the video below to learn the first steps you need to take after you pee on the stick and find out you're expecting!

Have you just found out you're pregnant, or you're planning to be within the next year?


Too often moms make some critical mistakes that lead to them getting the exact kind of nightmare birth experience they were trying to avoid.

That's because the reason most birth plans fail has to do with 5 Pillars which I will share with you starting September 19th through September 23rd.

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Join the Empowered Birth Workshop April 12th-20th _12PM PST 3pm EST.png

In this 5-day workshop you will learn...

  • Why most natural birth plans fail

  • The biggest mistakes you can make when hiring someone to support you in your birth

  • The 5 things that will make or break your birth

  • Why you're so scared of birth and what to do about it

  • How to find a supportive care provider

  • The biggest traps that you can fall into when you first start planning your birth

  • And many more secrets from a doula, childbirth educator, and a mom who has been right where you are now and learned the hard way what NOT to do!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Signature Empowered Birth Workshop


Is it ACTUALLY Free?

Yes, it’s actually free. If you sign up you will receive the details on how to access the workshop, reminders each day when it starts, access to the replays, and you will actually be able to attend for FREE. this just another Webinar where you’re going to try to sell me something?

Nope. While there will be an offer at the END of the 5 days, it’s entirely up to you whether you choose to continue or just come for the FREE 5-Day Workshop. You will get the complete live training regardless of whether you buy something or not.


So why are you giving this away for free if there’s no catch?

I didn’t say there wasn’t a catch, I just said that this workshop is free. The “catch” if you can call it that is we only run these workshops ONCE! After that, they get turned into courses you can buy at a later date.


So if I can just buy it later, why should I attend NOW?

Because during the workshops we also run promotions and you’ll get a lot more bang for any bucks you do decide to spend. And again...even if you don’t choose to invest at this time, you get an entire course taught to you for FREE.


But WHY is it free? What are you trying to pull here?

Okay, you got me. It’s also free because I would rather get as many moms as I can through this course in a short period of time. It’s free because I want you to see that this works, that it’s awesome, and because most childbirth education at this level isn’t accessible to everyone. Also, it’s free because I have a huge heart and I know that not everyone will be able to access my bigger programs.’s actually free?

Yes, it’s actually free.


And I’ll get actual help planning a natural birth?

Again, yes. I’ll tell you exactly how I did it, how my friends did it, and how my high-level coaching clients did it. And then after I show you that small piece, I’ll tell you what else you can do to get the most amazing birth experience you could dream of.


Wait...are you going to try to up-sell me into something else after I sign up?

I do have something else that’s on offer, and it’s also entirely up to you whether you get it or stick with your free ticket. The experience of the workshop won’t be diminished in any way. But...if you do like to upgrade and get extra bonuses during events you’ll find that the investment is insanely low compared to what I’ll give you.


What if I don’t want to upgrade right now, but I change my mind later?

Then you can send me a quick message and I’ll upgrade your ticket as long as you do it before September 25th! After that time the offer will go away and you’ll have to wait like everyone else.


Why are you giving so much away?

Because when I was a first time mom I didn’t have this information and I know what it’s like to feel alone and unsupported. I WISH this had been available for me back then.


Okay, so how do I get in?

Simple. Enter your name and email and I’ll send you everything you need to get started and prepare for when we start. Do you have anymore questions?


Ok, I’m good!

Sign me up!