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There are a lot of misconceptions around natural birth. Get this quick guide so that you become immune to the most common scare tactics and avoid most of the traps that can undermine your confidence in your body and lead to unwanted interventions.

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Planning an Empowered Birth requires more than simply hiring a doula and a midwife. It also takes the right education and knowing how to position yourself as the decision maker so that you can find that truly mother-centered care you know you deserve! Don’t leave it up to chance! Get the support and education you need for an empowered birth inside our highly engaged Facebook Group where you’ll get live videos every week on everything from pregnancy through postpartum and the first year.

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Discover The Most Powerful Secrets to Getting Your Care Provider to Support Your Birth Plan!

If you're currently asking whether to hire an OB or a Midwife for your pregnancy, I have news for you...

You're asking the wrong question, and it's going to de-rail any birth plans you might have before they even begin!

The reality is that most people do not end up hiring the right care provider who will support their birth plan.

Want to avoid being one of them?

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Empowering Partners Too

Part of the signature Take Charge System is to ensure that your partner receives the support they need! That means your job, as the birth partner, is extremely important! Whether you identify as “dad”, “mom”, or are a friend or relative of someone currently expecting, Empowering Moms will provide you with the resources you need to best support your loved one in their pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting journey.


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