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Is This Your First Time Planning a Natural Birth or You Just Want a Better Experience This Time?

Did you know that the very things you've been taught about natural birth will set you up to fail? Most childbirth education focuses only on "what to expect", however the truth is that the medical model of birth, cultural and societal attitudes, and your own fears can interfere with your body's natural birth process.

While taking the typical birth classes CAN be helpful, setting the foundation for Empowered Natural Birth is critical...and it needs to happen BEFORE you hit your third trimester! This is because if you take a birth class without having the 5 Pillars of Empowered Birth set up FIRST, you may fall into one of several Natural Birth Traps that will lead you right to the OR for an unplanned c-section!

The resources here at are designed to help you avoid falling into those traps so you can experience the True Natural Birth that your body is capable of. We have free mini guides, courses, and coaching programs that are designed for a truly customized Empowered Birth that you'll never want to forget! 


About Us

We help women plan amazing births, retain their power in all aspects of their pregnancy, and get past fear of crumbling under the pressure or giving in to a highly medicalized model of birth that they do not want.

Basically, if you're looking to plan a natural birth and trust in your own instincts and hormones, AND you would rather avoid an induction, cesarean, or a bunch of unnecessary tests, exams, and procedures that freak you out just thinking about them, the resources on our site and through our social media channels will show you how to do just that!

Disclaimer: We are an online education and coaching-based service and do not provide medical advice. Additionally we are not a doula service however if you are looking for in-person classes or doula services we can connect you to our wider network of contacts  and help you find someone who will support your birth plan.

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