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Rebekah's Story

Empowered Birth Success Story!

This mama of 3 had a beautiful, unassisted homebirth after a traumatic induction and 2 c-sections!


Rebekah's Story

Could you imagine having a completely hands-off birth at home with your partner catching your baby? 

Up until a few years ago, Rebekah had resigned herself to the idea that if she ever got pregnant again, it would have to be a c-section.

Her story started off when she was a young mother, barely out of her teens, and she didn’t know what she didn’t know. She’d gone into her birth trusting in the system, only to find herself being pushed into an induction by her doctor.

Because she was young and hadn’t yet learned that induction of labor in a first time mother is three times more likely to result in a cesarean, she had been led to believe that it was her body that was the problem.

By the time she was pregnant with her third baby, she was much older and had already experienced two c-sections. The first had been the result of a “failed” induction and the second had been due to the trickery of her doctor and the hospital after she had expressed a desire to try for a VBAC.

She had been searching for anything that would help her to have a natural birth. Most of the information she had picked up from the mainstream mom groups had told her that it was "impossible", but Rebekah was determined.

She felt instinctively that she could do it, she just had to figure out how to get her doctor to let her try.


Sadly, it had been an uphill battle and there wasn't a lot of information she could find on VBA2C; most moms were just planning a repeat c-section.

After attending one of my free workshops in 2021, Rebekah discovered that she had been tricked out of her natural birth twice, and that her instincts had been right; she could do this!

After 3 months of learning how to prepare for a True Natural Birth and release her fears, Rebekah and her partner welcomed their third son into the world. He was born peacefully at home, his father caught him in his hands, and Rebekah reclaimed her power and confidence that her body was capable of anything.


Her dream came true, and so can yours!

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