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Click the Video Below to Watch Your FREE Masterclass
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Here's what you need to do right now!


1) Save this Page! You can come back and watch this masterclass for as long as the replay is up. 

2) M
ake sure you join our private Empowered Birth Community to get more support and education for your True Natural Birth. Our Empowered Birth Ambassadors and community members are all here to help you get past your fear and experience your dream birth!

3) Come prepared to take notes! This is a 2-hour deep-dive where you are going to learn the following: 

  • The real reason why most natural birth plans go out the window with more pain, interventions, and trauma despite all the birth education you consumed or hiring a doula or a midwife to support you.

  • 3 Big Truths about why your dream True Natural Birth IS actually possible (and that the medical system doesn't want you to know).

  • 3 POWERFUL, positive birth stories of moms who have experienced True Natural Birth, including one who had a 15% VBAC success rate and another who had 2 previous csections and had a homebirth with her third child.

  • A crash course in TRUE natural birth education, including tips for managing pain and trusting your body's natural process.

  • How to get your partner to support you in your dream birth (even if they're resisting homebirth)

  • How to advocate for yourself with your OB or midwife and avoid a lot of pushback.

  • Plus, you'll learn about the revolutionary Empowered Birth Method and 5 Pillars of Empowerment, and I'll actually give you the full system and overview of the process!

In the last 30 minutes you'll also learn about our signature Empowered Birth Academy, and what it can do for you in not only your birth, but all aspects of your life.

Even if you're not planning on enrolling, or you are not a good fit, please take note of what we offer so you can pay it forward and let other moms know about this, in case it IS right for them.


Thank you so much for taking interest in this free masterclass. I look forward to supporting you in your Empowered Birth journey!




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