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Feeling the Pressure to Induce Labour?

You want a natural birth with less pain and intervention, but your doctor is already be talking about inducing you closer to your "due date".

Or maybe you've just been in the mom groups long enough that it feels like EVERYONE is getting their labour induced, or they're being pressured by their care provider, and you're wondering..."will the same happen to me?"

I've been a doula and childbirth educator for almost a decade and I want to help you avoid falling for the most common scare tactics that will lead to unwanted and unnecessary induction, crumbling under the pressure, and fear that your body "doesn't work".

So if Natural Birth is your goal, then you're going to want this list of Questions to Ask Before You Say Yes to an Induction, so that you don't fall for the biggest Induction Traps and have regrets later.

Questions to Ask Before You Say Yes to Induction (1).png

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