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Want to Save Even MORE?

First, thank you so much for investing in your Empowered Birth journey! I can tell you love to play at a higher level and you can already see that Get the Birth You Want is an AMAZING deal for what I'm giving you.

Now, you could stop with JUST the essential Get the Birth You Want package, but one thing about me you'll find out the more you stick with me is that I LOVE to create more value for you! In fact, Get the Birth You Want is just one small piece of an even BIGGER system which I call The Empowered Birth System, and before you get your courses I just wanted to offer you a chance to get the WHOLE THING for less than what you would pay if you got these pieces later.

Remember, everything comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so there's really nothing to lose! Here's what else comes with the Empowered Birth System...

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Your Empowered Birth 

Learn everything you need to start planning your birth with power and avoid the common traps set up in the maternity care system. This book is the foundation of the Empowered Birth System and has revolutionized the way mothers come to their birth experience. 


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Your First 5 Steps for an Empowered Pregnancy 

Go DEEPER into the full Empowered Birth System by planning your most powerful pregnancy right from the start. Hire the right doula, childbirth educator, care provider, and more in this 5-part mini course and 5 BONUS classes.



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Get Your Partner on Board With Your Birth Plan

in 5 Days or Less 

A 5-Part Mini Training that will help you identify, challenge, and release any fears your partner has, so that they'll feel more confident supporting you in getting the birth you actually want...WITHOUT having them read a bunch of books or take all the classes!

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Get the Birth You Want Course Collection

This course collection contains Your Empowered Birth Workshop, Get Past Your Birth Fear in 5 Days or Less, Write Your Empowered Birth Plan in 7 Days, Your Empowered Birth Plan Roadmap, How to Hire Your Care Provider, plus your 6 Bonus reports!

Again, you can always grab these additional products from the shop later, but the total cost would be close to $200! But if you grab the full system now, then you won't have to pay more later.

Upgrade to the Empowered Birth System for only
 $247 CAD!

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