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Plan Your Most Amazing Birth EVER!

The Empowered Birth Series is the revolutionary way to plan and get the birth you want, without having to fight, beg, or compromise on your birth plan!


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Did you know that the very things you have been taught to do to plan for your birth might lead to you experiencing trauma, injury, and regret???

In fact, if you're not careful, you could wind up having a cesarean, induction, or both!

I've been a doula and childbirth educator for almost a decade and I want to help you avoid falling into the "Natural Birth Traps" that will lead to unwanted and unnecessary intervention, crumbling under the pressure, and fear that your body "doesn't work".


The "Your Empowered Birth" series is the key to getting the birth you want without having to fight, beg, or compromise on your birth plan. 

In this series I'll share with you stories of women who did the "impossible" and got natural births even when the odds were NOT in their favor and how you can do the same.

Here's what people are already saying about our Empowered Birth System!

"This is GROUNDBREAKING! It's the book I wish had been available when I was pregnant with my first baby!"


"This changed the GAME for me! I never would have known I could do this if not for what I learned from you".


"RUN, don't walk, to get this book!"


"I was hooked by the first chapter! This is the book that all moms need to read!"


"The stories are so inspiring. I feel so confident that I can get the birth I really want, no more crumbling under pressure."


These books will help empower you to learn how to plan your birth without deferring to the “experts” in the birth world.

Over the years I have watched many women try and often fail to get the births they really wanted, and they all have one thing in common: no matter how much I believe they can do it, they don’t believe in themselves.

As a birth advocate with a big heart and a strong desire to help people in need, I often found myself answering messages in Facebook groups and getting into private messages with desperate moms who just wanted to be allowed to birth their babies without intervention.

Some came to me with sad stories about how they had been pushed into cesareans they hadn’t wanted and later discovered could have been avoided.

They told me that they had told their doctor they hadn’t wanted the epidural, only to have it pushed on them multiple times until they finally felt exhausted and defeated and gave in.

There were moms who asked about having a vaginal birth after cesarean only to be told “see what your doctor says”, as if they needed permission to birth their babies vaginally!

It is horribly disempowering to be told that someone else gets to decide what you can do with your own body, but that’s been the reality in maternity care and birth culture for generations.

You’re either “too small” or “too fat”.

“Too young” or “too old”.

You don’t have a “proven pelvis”.

You “don’t go into labor on your own”.

Your body is “broken.”

You’re “not allowed”.

But it's a LIE!

You CAN actually get the birth you want. It's just going to take you learning NEW strategies and coming to your pregnancy in a way that most moms are NOT taught.

I've developed a system that has been proven to help you plan your Empowered Birth.

You won't feel like you "aren't allowed" and you won't "crumble under the pressure."

You'll be able to confidently decline any intervention you deem unnecessary, and you'll be able to go into your birth without fear of anything going wrong.

If this is your first time, I'll walk you through the steps to take so that you will NEVER suffer from avoidable birth trauma or injury, and if this is not your first birth experience and you want better this time, then I'll show you how to get past the lingering fear and trauma that the same thing will happen again so that you can re-write your birth story!

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