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Last Chance!

Okay, this is absolutely the LAST chance you're going to get to save a ton of money on the signature Empowered Birth System! If you walk away with JUST the book then you will have to go to the shop to get the courses later, and I just want to make sure that before you make that choice you get the absolute BEST deal ever!

As I said, Your Empowered Birth is part of a larger system and there's one particular course that goes DEEPER into what's taught in the book.

This course comes in 5 simple steps that will help you address your fears, find the right education to supplement your learning, choose the right environment, hire the right care provider and even choose the right doula. It's EVERYTHING you need to know to start your pregnancy off right and avoid the biggest traps in the maternity care system and our overall birth culture.

If you were to get this course later it would automatically come with a copy of Your Empowered Birth...but if you get it NOW you're going to save BIG TIME!

This course and book bundle retails in the shop at $127 so if at any point you think you might want to try it out, then your best bet is to get it now and if it's not at least worth what you pay today for it then send me a message within 30 days of purchase and I'll refund your investment AND you can still keep everything.

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Your Empowered Birth 

Learn everything you need to start planning your birth with power and avoid the common traps set up in the maternity care system. This book is the foundation of the Empowered Birth System and has revolutionized the way mothers come to their birth experience. 


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Your First 5 Steps for an Empowered Pregnancy 

Go DEEPER into the full Empowered Birth System by planning your most powerful pregnancy right from the start. Hire the right doula, childbirth educator, care provider, and more in this 5-part mini course and 5 BONUS classes.

Get the the Bronze Essentials for only $47 CAD!

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