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Still too much?

Okay, no problem, but I just want you to know that while Your Empowered Birth Roadmap is powerful on its own, there's still a lot more that you'll want to know later...and this is probably the BEST deal you could possibly get on this collection.

For instance, the Your Empowered Workshop course modules #2 and #3 will help you un-learn all the information you've been taught about birth that will set you up to fail. You'll also get a crash-course education in true physiological birth AND learn how to avoid getting pushed into an induction!

Not only that, but you will get even MORE information inside Write Your Empowered Birth Plan in 7 Days that builds off of what is taught inside Your Empowered Birth Plan Roadmap

AND remember, everything comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so there's really nothing to lose! Here's what you can get if you upgrade to the Silver Essentials package...

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Write Your Empowered Birth Plan in 7 Days

A 7-part video series that goes deeper into writing your birth plan, including a backup plan so that if something unexpected comes up in your pregnancy or during labour you won't have to throw your entire birth plan out the window..


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Your Empowered Birth Workshop Modules #2 & #3

In module 2 you will learn how birth actually works when it's left to unfold without intervention and in module 3 you'll learn about the biggest myths when it comes to induction and why it's the most common intervention in birth aside from a cesarean!

Your Empowered Birth Plan Roadmap

A companion E-book to help you as you write your birth plan and prepare for your pregnancy and birth journey that outlines the 3 biggest mistakes you'll want to avoid in writing your birth plan and what to focus on instead. 

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How to Hire Your Care Provider

A companion E-book that will help you avoid the biggest traps in hiring a care provider, including the 11 Red Flags you need to watch out for and 4 big mistakes to avoid when you're seeking out a midwife or doctor to support you in your birth. You'll also learn why it's really so hard to find a care provider to support your birth plan, and how to shift the power dynamic so that you're the one in control.



PLUS...6 Reports!

Get this full series of reports that will help you avoid unnecessary interventions, choose your birth location, and ask the right questions before you hire a care provider and a doula

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Again, you can always grab these from the shop later, but the total cost would be close to $250! But if you grab these all now, then you won't have to pay more later.

Get the the Silver Essentials for only $47 CAD!

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