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Discover the 5 Pillars of Empowered Birth!

Get the customized roadmap that will allow you to have your birth ANY way you want it!

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Your Empowered Birth is the revolutionary way to plan and get the birth you want, without having to fight, beg, or compromise on your birth plan!


Have you ever wondered why you could have a completely healthy pregnancy without a single complication, but still wind up having an unexpected cesarean?

Or maybe you weren't dilating, "failed to progress", or the pain was so bad after they had to induce you that you wound up begging for the epidural?

If this already happened, you might be worried it could happen again and you'll crumble under the pressure of your OB and be traumatized all over again.

Or, if this is your first baby, but you've heard all the "horror stories" you might just want to know what you need to do to prepare your mind and your body to make sure that you actually get that beautiful natural birth you're dreaming of.

Ready to break free and get the birth experience you really want, without having to fight with your family, beg your doctor or midwife to "let you try", or compromise on your birth plan to make others around you feel comfortable with your choices and stay "safe"? 

This book will show you the 5 key areas you'll need to focus on and how to optimize each one so that you can create a custom birth plan and strategy that will help you avoid the most common traps moms fall into that lead to unnecessary interventions, preventable cesareans, losing their dignity at the door, and tossing the birth plan out the window. 

You will also learn:

  • The real reason people who plan a natural birth often end up "failing" but accidental natural births happen all the time without anything going wrong

  • The sneaky things that are actually undermining your confidence and ability to trust your instinctive ability to birth your baby

  • The powerful framework that will help you have your birth your way without having to fight, beg, compromise, or lower your expectations

  • The secret to getting past your fear and staying in your power even when other people are telling you that you can't or shouldn't have your birth the way you want it...even if you're declining routine tests, choosing not to induce, going for a VBAC after multiple cesareans, breech birth, and EVEN if you are labeled "high risk"! 

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