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Discover the Secrets to Planning and Getting Your True Natural Birth!

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Your Empowered Birth is the revolutionary way to plan and get the birth you want, without having to fight, beg, or compromise on your birth plan!


Ready to plan and get the birth experience you really want, without having to fight with your family, beg your doctor or midwife to "let you try", or compromise on your birth plan to make others around you feel comfortable with your choices and stay "safe"? 

This book will show you the 5 key areas you'll need to focus on and how to optimize each one so that you can create a custom birth plan and strategy that will help you avoid the most common traps moms fall into that lead to unnecessary interventions, preventable cesareans, losing their dignity at the door, and tossing the birth plan out the window. 

You will also learn:

  • The real reason people who plan a natural birth often end up "failing" but accidental natural births happen all the time without anything going wrong

  • The sneaky things that are actually undermining your confidence and ability to trust your instinctive ability to birth your baby

  • The powerful framework that will help you have your birth your way without having to fight, beg, compromise, or lower your expectations

  • The secret to getting past your fear and staying in your power even when other people are telling you that you can't or shouldn't have your birth the way you want it...even if you're declining routine tests, choosing not to induce, going for a VBAC after multiple cesareans, breech birth, and EVEN if you are labeled "high risk"! 

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Could YOU be Robbed of Your TRUE Natural Birth Experience?

Here's the real reason so many natural births get derailed, and how to avoid it happening to you.


Have you ever wondered why so many moms who start planning a natural birth at the beginning of pregnancy end up having traumatic and disappointing births full of pain, fear, stress, and often unnecessary medical interventions?


Maybe it already happened to you, or you have just heard so many horror stories that you're worried you won't dilate, won't go into labor "on your own" or something will "go wrong" and you'll have to have a c-section.

If this is your experience or even your greatest fear, then let me tell you something you might not realize: you're not alone.

In fact, this is the experience of many of the women I've helped over the last decade and it happened to me, too.


I thought I was doing everything "right". I read the books, took the classes, hired a doula and a midwife, planned a homebirth...and I almost got tricked into a c-section I didn't want or need for reasons I'll tell you about later in this book.

Many of my friends and other women I've connected with weren't so lucky.

Actually, that's why I'm here. I got super fed-up with seeing those stories all the time and I wanted to do something about it that would actually help. I dug DEEP into what was happening, and I identified some huge problems with how birth is being taught and how moms even plan their births.

Here's one of the BIG secrets I discovered...

Too often moms make some critical mistakes that lead to them getting the exact kind of nightmare birth experience they were trying to avoid.

The biggest one is waiting until the end of your pregnancy to plan out your birth.

One of my #1 secrets that you'll learn in this book, and that I'll share with you right now, is to create your birth plan FIRST! Before you do anything else, including choose your birth location, hire your care provider, choose your birth classes, or even start learning about birth at all, you need to know exactly what you want.

The reason I am cautioning you on this is becase if you're waiting until the final months to start thinking about writing your birth plan, it's almost too late!

This is like waiting until the night before to write a college essay or term paper or to study for a final exam (are you flashing back to your days in college and university right now too? Because I am)!

What happens if you wait is that you'll find out that your chosen doctor or midwife might not be as open to your birth plan as you thought, and you'll scramble to either find a new care provider all the while knowing you could give birth any day now, or you'll try to find a bunch of articles and resources to convince them to let you have what you want.

Most often, you end up giving in to their preferences and you compromise just to keep the peace.

This then leads to you agreeing to exams and tests you didn't want, birthing in the hospital even if you really feel more comfortable staying home, or even inducing your labor because they don't "let you" go a certain number of days past your due date.

You're fighting, begging, and compromising on what should be the most amazing day of your life!

The other big problem I see is that most moms keep falling into what I call the Natural Birth Traps. These are the often common practices, myths, and general pieces of advice for "Natural Birth" that actually sabotages your body's true natural process and undermines your confidence in your body's ability to birth.

These traps are so prevalent and numerous in birth education and our maternity care system that you often don't see the trap until after you've had a traumatic birth and traced the steps back to that moment when things "went wrong".

Natural Birth Traps basically lead to you thinking your body doesn't work so that you end up giving in to the pressure from the hospital staff, your care provider, and even your own partner!

Want to know how to fix this?

"Your Empowered Birth" was written specifically to help you create your own fail-proof birth plan for a True Natural Birth experience, so you don't end up tossing it out the window the day you go into labor.

It will be delivered through email and in addition to learning how birth actually works and how to plan and get your dream natural birth, you will also have some quick journal exercises that are designed to help you discover exactly what you desire in your birth experience without needing to read a ton of books, take a bunch of classes, or ask the mom groups for ideas on what to put in your birth plan.

You will get to read stories from real moms who have had their own amazing empowered births, and I'll also give you access to even more resources and tips through my weekly Empowered Birth newsletter that will help you avoid those Natural Birth Traps once and for all and get the birth you really want, without having to fight, beg, or compromise.

Just put your name and email in the form below and make sure you check your inbox right away for your copy of this powerful e-book designed to help you get your dream natural birth, without having to fight an uphill battle, beg for permission, compromise on your birth plan, or sacrifice your body and your dignity on the altar of motherhood.

You get immediate access once you enter your name and email into the form and click the yellow button below!

This is a digital product. Upon sign up you will receive an email in your inbox with your book and be subscribed to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time. We respect your privacy and will not share your information with anyone. 

Empowered Birth Success Story!

This mama of 3 had a beautiful, unassisted homebirth after a traumatic induction and 2 c-sections!


Rebekah's Story

Could you imagine having a completely hands-off birth at home with your partner catching your baby? 

Up until a few years ago, Rebekah had resigned herself to the idea that if she ever got pregnant again, it would have to be a c-section.

Her story started off when she was a young mother, barely out of her teens, and she didn’t know what she didn’t know. She’d gone into her birth trusting in the system, only to find herself being pushed into an induction by her doctor.

Because she was young and hadn’t yet learned that induction of labor in a first time mother is three times more likely to result in a cesarean, she had been led to believe that it was her body that was the problem.

By the time she was pregnant with her third baby, she was much older and had already experienced two c-sections. The first had been the result of a “failed” induction and the second had been due to the trickery of her doctor and the hospital after she had expressed a desire to try for a VBAC.

She had been searching for anything that would help her to have a natural birth. Many of the information she had picked up from the mainstream mom groups had told her that it was "impossible", but Rebekah was determined.

She felt instinctively that she could do it, she just had to figure out how to get her doctor to let her try.


Sadly, it had been an uphill battle and there wasn't a lot of information she could find on VBA2C; most moms were just planning a repeat c-section.

After attending one of my free workshops in 2021, Rebekah discovered that she had been tricked out of her natural birth twice, and that her instincts had been right; she could do this!


By using the same system that I'll teach you in Your Empowered Birth, she was able to confidently plan the homebirth she had thought had been out of reach, but that she had deeply desired to experience.


The only problem was that there had been no midwives in her area willing to support her in a homebirth, so Rebekah also hired me as her coach and virtual doula to help her and her partner do it themselves.

After 3 months of learning how to prepare for a True Natural Birth and release her fears, Rebekah and her partner welcomed their third son into the world. He was born peacefully at home, his father caught him in his hands, and Rebekah reclaimed her power and confidence that her body was capable of anything.


Her dream came true, and so can yours!

If you want to know the secrets I taught Rebekah and the other moms I've worked with in the 10 years I've been in the birth community, then drop your name and email in the form and click the button below to get this book delivered right to your email inbox!

This is a digital product. Upon sign up you will receive an email in your inbox with your book and be subscribed to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time. We respect your privacy and will not share your information with anyone. 

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